Monday, September 6, 2010


I'm not much of a fan of Eric Mangini as a coach, but I must admit that he has an eye for talent in drafting and building a team. He showed that with the Jets. He clearly builds from the inside out, which is the right way of putting a team together. He, now along with Mike Holmgren have drafted well the last two seasons and they finished well last year. THey draft well. So, the Browns are on their way. Just not this year.

They sent Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn packing and started frsh at QB, forever ending that controversy. But Jake Delholmme? His arm is a dead wish floating on the sea. Seneca Wallace? Will someone finally admit he's just not Randall Cunningham already? They are clearly going to run the ball and they have the gubs to do it. They will get and be better, but not in that division against those rivals. PREDICTION: 6-10

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