Monday, September 6, 2010


Like Cleveland, the LIONS are finally turning it around. Except, the Lions have a QB named Matthew Stafford, who if they can keep him upright is destined for NFL Super Stardom. Add Calvin Johnson & Nate Burleson with Brandon Pettigrew and the arrival of the explosive Jahvid Best. Bam! You've got points.

THen there's Ndamukan Suh. He's the defensive anchor and boy is he the real deal. He was just fined $7,500.00 by the NFL for a roughing the QB call. If I were a Lions fan though, I would be ecstatic. He plays with a high motor, is aggressive and will dominate. Look out. This team won't win a whole lot this year, but the Lions really are on the rise folks. PREDICTION: 6-10

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