Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Eagles and other Assorted Observations, Week One

If Kevin Kolb is the QB of the future, how about a running game to protect him? An some underneath routes to get the butterflies out of the way?

How demoralizing is it to a defense play so well, but get no support from the offense?
How bad is Eldra Buckley? Leonard Weaver going down may have what cost us the game. Why? Cause it was Eldra Buckley who replaced and promptly fumbled. Oh, and got a 15 yard penalty for hitting the punt returner after a fair catch signal.
Leonard Weaver's season is officially over and Stew Bradley an Kevin Kolb's status are yet to e determined.
Michael Vick was running for his life, but if you have trouble blocking, knowing how to run for your life is awfully convenient. Kevin Kolb's future should not be decided by one half, but he'll face a  Matt Stafford-less Lions team next week. If he shits the bed, time to reconsider. But don't hold your breath. 
Why call a time out after the Packers get a first down?
Why are you in the shotgun on 4th and one? Gee, do you think Vick was gonna pass? Really?
The Lions are better, but they had an anemic offensive output, except for their final drive.
Speaking of that final drive. When is a touchdown not a touchdown? Highway robbery. Ticky tack bullshit over ruling common sense.
BUCS pulled out a win, but no one saw it happen.
All things TEBOW sold out the Jags game.

Texans looked very good, as did the Giants although Eli was high in the first half.
Bradford looked good for the Rams, The Seahawks played hard, but the 49ers played poorly. The Bengals look like the Bengals. AGAIN. Falcons-Steelers was a borefest. Titans looked great and who the hell is Arrian Foster? 230+ yards by who?
Peyton Manning proves if you throw the ball 57 times for 450 yards you will lose. It's a truism.

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