Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Talk about shitting the bed. Observations of the Jets.
1.) They were playing a very good,poised Ravens team. Ok, fine.
2.) Mark Sanchez may have played poorly but how about some respectable play calling that gives him a chance to make plays?
3.) Jaws was right, however that Sanchez was dumping to his check downs too soon.
4.) Is Cromartie regressing or do they not know how to use him? It was painful watching him play. His penalties suggest he should let the wide outs get into a route he can jump, because he seems uncomfortable pressing.
5.) When you bring the house, why do you leave the rookie on a seam with veteran receivers man on man? Kyle Wilson is going to be very good, if not a star, but Derrick Mason,TJ Houshmanzadeh & Anquan Boldin is a steep learning curve in your first game in the NFL. You risk him losing confidence.
6.) Darrelle Revis is worth it. 
7.) How do you get three motion penalties at home? Crowd noise got you confused?
.) The defense will keep them close, but Brian Schottenheimer has got to get his head out of his ass. You must take risks with Sanchez sooner or later. Checking down doesn't win championships.

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