Thursday, September 9, 2010


To keep it short and the simple, this weeks home game by the BUCS against visting Cleveland is officially blacked out. I may be wrong, but the last time they were blacked out was in Week one of 1997 which was just three months after I moved to Tampa. It was at the immortal Sombrero and a young upstart Tony Dungy led team that defeated the vaunted 49ers. Of course this time the BUCS don't have Dungy,Sapp,Kiffin,Lynch,Brooks,Alstott,Dunn, etc. Sucks to be the BUCS, ESpecially if they LOSE to the Browns

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  1. Blacking out games has to be one of the dumbest ideas. It essentially kills the prospect of younger kids ever growing to be fans of the team. Not everyone can afford the high prices to actually attend a game in person. But that doesn't mean that kids and then adults won't spend money on all the merchandise (jerseys, hats, etc.). When you stop producing fans, you stop the future cash flows associated with them too.


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