Monday, September 6, 2010


Ah, now we get to everyone's pet favorite. Rex Ryan has the personality that is perfect for the venue. He gets the most out of his team and as I sit here typing Darrelle REvis has signed. So look out. The last holdout on the Super Bowl gravy train has climbed aboard. If you listen carefully, you hear JETS fans screaming somewhere out in the wilderness that the sky is about to fall. To the typical Jets fan the season is great, almost idyllic, that is until it starts to play out like a scene from "Bambi". You know it's a great day in the forest and then suddenly you hear shots and you see Vinny Testaverde holding his ankle and Ray Lucas reaching for his helmut. Admit it, be honest JETS fans, you're just waiting for the hammer to drop. EVERYBODY says you're headed to the big dance. Boy you are royally screwed. PREDICTION: 12-4

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