Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Results and Observations From Week 2

A really bad week for me. I was 4-10-2. John was 7-7-2. Tony was 1-3.

Well, let's start with the Eagles. Andy Reid did the right thing. Simply put Kolb was immobile behind a lackluster offensive line. Vick's presence requires the DE's to play soft on the edge. That opened up the inside running game and LeSean McCoy delivered as a result, showing real flash for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised with the move. Reid had to recognize what the rest of the division looked like. The Cowboys are a horrid 0-2, the Redskins were it not for the Cowboys ought to be 0-2 and the Giants aren't looking like world beaters, In short, the Eagles with Vick may be able to steal a division title this year.

Speaking of the Redskins. How big a gift did they give the Texans? A gift all the more ugly because Gary Kubiak's play calling was abysmal. At 27-20, the Texans kept going down field, rather than move the chains underneath. They got away with it, thanks to the Skins.

In the same game, in OT, Gary Kubiak decided to punt rather than attempt a 53 yard field goal. Then they took a delay of game penalty to presumably give the punter more room to punt out of bounds and pin the Skins deep. What does the punter do? He punts it straight through the end zone. Why take the delay penalty? Did you really need the extra five yards to put it in the stands? Geez! Anyone ever hear of the coffin corner kick? Why try to get it on the two by dropping it in the middle, when you might put them on the five without your special teams acting like Chinese acrobats trying to down it on the half inch line while doing a pirouette to keep their feet off the line? Ever hear of Ray Guy? Cut him a check and punt it the hell out of bounds!

Teams that impressed: The Jets and the Bengals both came through with impressive wins. The Jets set the tempo early and dictated the outcome. The Bengals defense was embarrassed in Week One but made amends against the Ravens.

Teams that blew it: The 49ers and Redskins both gave games away. A 17 point lead at home and the Skins give up the ghost. The 49ers should have won, but they basically spotted the Saints nine from the get go and four turnovers sealed it. They should've won by a couple TD's. But at least they fought back. At least they're only one game out of first place with their 0-2 record. Oh, and it was great to see Alex Smith play so well and demonstrate real leadership.

The Steelers are 2-0 without Roethlisberger. They get the Bucs this week. They could at worst be 3-1 without Ben or even 4-0. Scary stuff. Their defense is staggeringly great. Polamalu is lights out. With Ben, they become the favorite in the AFC.

The Bucs have their QB in Freeman, the Panthers start Claussen this week. Sam Bradford is the real deal. He's not lighting it up, but they will get better as the season goes forward. Jay Cutler actually looked like a real QB against the Cowboys! No pics and he looked poised. If he gets his head on straight he'll become everything I thought he wasn't. The Bills might be the worst team in football


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