Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I was 10-6 last week. John was 7-9.

OK, the most important thing I saw all weekend is the performance of Michael Vick. Not only did he play well, he is playing at the highest level in his career. I have never seen the accuracy,the touch and the fundamentals of a QB in him as I have seen thus far. On an incomplete pass down field to Jeremy Maclin, he got flushed out of the pocket, went back and forth, got set,firmly planted and threw a beautiful ball. He is just poised. That is something we have never seen in him previously. Two amazing throws for TD's to boot. Look out.

To look at the Cowboys-Texans score you would think the Cowboys are back. The score doesn't tell the tale. You're Gary Kubiak, you're at home against intra state Dallas. You have the best WR in the NFL with Andre Johnson. What do you do? Force the run and dink and dunk. According to Kubiak. The Cowboys weak link is the safety position. How about getting TE Owen Daniels on a seam and exploit the middle while they double team Johnson? Guess not. I said it before and I'll say it again they won't win with Kubiak.They didn't take a shot down field in the first half and they've given the Cowboys a second life when we could've buried them. Oh well, that's life.

No doubt the McNabb haters are revelling in the Redskins 1-2 start and defeat to the Rams. Here's the reality. The present state of the Redskins does not permit winning as long as Dan Snyder is the owner. McNabb will make them better, but they're still below average. Where is the future of this team? Is there a young nucleus? DMAC is the best player on the team. His running game? Oldsters Clint Portis and Larry Johnson. His wide outs? Joey Galloway and Santana Moss? How much is left in their tanks and can they play at a high level through a 16 game schedule? Doubt it. Shanahan can't pull a rabbit out of his hat as long as they patch a football team every year with a new set of veterans and no young nucleus to build a future.McNabb should've gone to Oakland. They actually have more talent.

The Giants have played all of two good quarters in their twelve quarters this season. They look listless and leaderless.

The Packers 17 penalties tell the tale. They gave the game away to the Bears. To their credit, the Bears seemed to play within themselves. They, along with the Steelers and Chiefs are the only unbeaten teams after three weeks. The Vikings recovered from a slow start to beat the tenacious Lions. Tenacity is not enough to win in the NFL, though and the Lions will win a few.

The Falcons are back to playing their game. Clock management,power running,play action passing and being in a position to win at the end. The Saints are 0-3 against the spread and are discovering the price of competition when you win a Super Bowl. The BUCS ran into a buzz saw against the Steelers and the Panthers are awful and more uninspiring than the Giants.

For the second year in a row, the Rams defeated the Redskins. Bradford hasn't been flashy, but is accurate and reliable. The Cardinals get a gift via Sebastian Janakowski. The 49ers look like they haven't bought what Mike Singletary is selling. Jimmy Raye, the OC has been fired, but I'm not sure it will matter,sadly. The Seahawks will be tough at home.

The Jets have clearly rebounded from week one against the Ravens. They have dialed up the offensive play calling and it shows in Mark Sanchez' play. They methodically set the tempo, first against the Pats and brilliantly against the FISH. Ryan Fitzpatrick is clearly an improvement on the now departed Trent Edwards, but the Bills still lack the punch. That they scored 30 points in New England has more to do with the state of the PATS than it does the Bills.

The Colts are still the Colts. In fact, they're behind schedule and not nearly in sync. Get scared. The Jags really are awful. The Titans have it all, but must beat the Colts. The Texans have talent but no coach.

The Steelers right now are the best team in football. Polamalu may be the MVP through three weeks. The Ravens are uninspiring and winning ugly. What else is new? The Bengals defense, I suspect will need the offense to show up, but right now they have clearly recovered from the Week 1 debacle. The Browns are 0-3 but 3-0 against the spread. They can run too. Why did the Broncos get rid of Peyton Hillis?

The Chiefs are everything the Redskins are not. They have a "capable" QB, two very good young backs in Jamal Charles and Dexter McClusker and veteran Thomas Jones to boot. They have Dwayne Bowe at WR, a very good,young and aggressive OL and fast,fast,fast. Speed kills and the Chiefs are operating near warp speed. Of course we'll see how speed reacts to a good punch in the mouth soon enough. The Raiders find ways to lose. The Chargers are off to the typical Norv Turneresque slow start. The Broncos do not have enough.

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