Monday, October 18, 2010

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My Thoughts Eagles/Falcons

Not a bad Philly sports day, huh? The Eagles took the field against what we thought should have been a favored opponent, and laid the smack down. Then the Phillies even the series at 1-1 with the Giants. Pretty good day.

But let’s talk about that Eagles spread really quickly. The Eagles were a three-point favorite yesterday? Those guys in Vegas know what they are doing to say the least. I have a bunch of friends who would gamble on a game of Chinese Checkers if you let them, and they were drooling over that spread. It was a can’t lose!
And then this happened. The Eagles simply knocked the snot out of the Falcons. The 4-1 Falcons. The “best team” in the NFC. Let’s take a look at the game:

What I liked…

-There are no “buts” this week. I can’t say that “this was a good job, but…” Before, it wasn’t that impressive because they beat the awful Lions or Jaguars. This was a quality opponent. The 4-1 Falcons with talent all over the roster. Give Andy Reid credit, they came out with a plan that the Falcons didn’t have any answer for. I could honestly say through the first half of that game that I was thoroughly impressed with this football team.

-This is the Kevin Kolb we thought we were getting, right? He was decisive. He delivered the football accurately. He trusted his blocking (I don’t think I would, but kudos to him). He didn’t make the stupid decisions that make you throw things at your television. He did it against a quality opponent. And just for the record, I’m not a Kolb guy. I’m not a Vick guy either. I’m not saying either one should start or sit. They are both decent quarterbacks that I’m not totally sold on. I want to see more from both of them.

-I can say that I thoroughly enjoy watching LeSean McCoy run. I still want to see him protect the ball better, but man he’s got some moves. When he ran out to the left and was one-on-one with that linebacker, did you have any doubts that he was going to make him miss? I didn’t. And the linebacker certainly missed.

-Jeremy Maclin can hurt you bad. He’s not just a decent receiver that can take advantage of coverages that are rolled DeSean’s way. He’ll kill you by himself.

-Props to King Dunlap. I will raise my hand and be the first to say that I was one of the throngs of people who said he couldn’t play. Maybe he’ll never be a star. So what, he went out and proved that he belongs in the NFL. Good job.

-The offensive line as a whole did a nice job considering they’ve had no stability (I had a great analogy here, but I know some people would get offended so I left it out) and no consistency. They are truly working with what they have.

-The special teams coverage units didn’t embarrass themselves this week!

-I love that they bottled up Michael Turner, but has anyone else noticed that Turner looks like he’s running on the beach this year? He isn’t hitting the holes and he has no burst.

-Asante Samuel had a nice pick and should have had another (more on that later). He can be frustrating and we break his balls a lot, but he’s still a high-end corner.

…and not so much…

-Speaking of the second pick that Asante should have had, I hate how the referees across the NFL call pass interference. When the ball is in the air, each player has an equal right to go get it. Offensive pass interference is never called the way it should be. Asante got assaulted and the pass was ruled incomplete. Jenkins isn’t allowed to throw him around like that.

-No one was more pissed off about the missed field goals than David Akers. He has more than earned the right to go out and have a day like this. Let’s be honest, even when he misses his kicks look nice. Ever see Garrett Hartley miss?

-I know this is a “good problem” to have, but at some point, they need to pick a QB and go with him. When everyone’s healthy, the decision has to be made.

-This is just a theory based on some empirical data. Time will tell if I’m right and I hope I’m not. I’m wondering if there is a link between Kolb’s play when he knows he’s absolutely the guy, and when he is just filling in. People say that he only had a half of a game as “the guy.” Well, sort of. When he was “the guy” even in preseason he was playing pretty poorly. His best games have come when he’s filling in for an injured Donovan McNabb or Michael Vick. I don’t know that there is any correlation, but I’m just passing the thought along.

-I’ll say it again, I’m not an Ernie Sims fan. Way to much speed and athleticism to be so absent on so many plays. That tells me something is missing upstairs. And for the record, his mustache irritates me.

-I hated seeing that DeSean Jackson hit, just like everyone else. But, it must be said that it wasn’t dirty or illegal. We love the hard hits in football and they don’t come any harder than that. And now all I hear is people talking about how we can eliminate those hits from the game. Here’s the deal: You can’t. You just can’t. I feel badly for DeSean, but any Eagles fans that want to talk about how we can get rid of those vicious hits need to ask themselves one thing: Was I saying that when Sheldon Brown unloaded on Reggie Bush or Steven Jackson? Are they the exact same thing? No. But they were similar hits that led with the shoulder. All of it is within the context of football.

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