Friday, October 15, 2010


I am 34-39-3 this season. John is 33-40-3. Tony is 12-8.

Here are this weeks' picks.

1.) San Diego Chargers (2-3) (-8.5) at St Louis Rams (2-3)
The Chargers continue their decline and descent as they are intending to release the injured Shawne Merriman. Of course, AJ Smith should be shown the door as well. I digress. The Rams may have gotten crushed by the Lions, but that was in Detroit and the Lions were itching for a breakout. The Rams are better at home and the Chargers look bland. PREDICTION: RAMS TO COVER.

2.) Houston Texans (3-2) at home (-4.5) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (3-1)
The Texans are a fraud. The Chiefs are young,fast,hungry and much better than people think. PREDICTION: CHIEFS

3.) New England Patriots (3-1) at home (-2) vs. Baltimore Ravens (4-1)
The Pats are coming off a bye week and have dealt with Randy Moss. The Ravens are very good and I look for them to run the ball very well, thereby keeping Brady on the sidelines. PREDICTION: RAVENS

4.) New Orleans Saints (3-2) (-4.5) at Tampa Bay (3-1)
Well, I won't be watching this because it's blacked out again. That's the economy in Tampa, folks. On the good side, at least the Rays won't be taking up two televisions. The Saints look uninspired. Truth is they could easily be 1-4. PREDICTION: BUCS TO COVER

5.) Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) at home (-3) vs. Atlanta Falcons (4-1)
Let me see if I got this right. Kolb starts against the winless Niners and they were dogs, now they get as Falcons team that is perhaps the best team in the NFC thru five weeks and they're favored? I don't like this matchup for the Eagles. PREDICTION: EAGLES, out of loyalty. (not like money is on the line)

6.) New York Giants (3-2) at home (-10) vs. Detroit Lions (1-4)
Can the Lions score points in Jersey? Not likely. PREDICTION: GIANTS

7.) Chicago Bears (4-1) at home (-6.5) vs. Seattle Seahawks (2-2)
Jay Cutler is back. Seattle, even after a bye week is still a bad road team. PREDICTION: BEARS

8.) Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1) at home (-13) vs. Cleveland Browns (1-3)
Roethlisberger is back, Cleveland has a win. It's rare that these games are blowouts. PREDICTION: BROWNS TO COVER.

9.) New York Jets (4-1) (-3) at Denver Broncos (2-3)
The Broncos are a different team at home and this game will likely be more difficult than anticipated. PREDICTION: JETS

10.) San Francisco 49ers (0-5) at home (-6.5) vs. Oakland Raiders (2-3)
Six and a half? Really? This could be the Niners break out game or it could be the nail in the coffin. PREDICTION: RAIDERS TO COVER

11.) Minnesota Vikings (1-3) at home (-1.5) vs. Dallas Cowboys (1-3)
The Cowboys have a habit of walking back from the brink. Not against the Vikings defense in Minnesota. PREDICTION: VIKINGS

12.) Indianapolis Colts (3-2) (-3) at Washington Redskins (3-2)
The Colts won a hard fought contest versus the Chiefs last week. The Redskins might keep it close, but the Colts are not the Packers and Manning is not Rodgers. He and they don't give gift wins. PREDICTION: COLTS

13.) Tennessee Titans (3-2) (-3) at Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2)
We'll find out a lot about these rivals. PREDICTION: TITANS


  1. Rams, Eagles, Browns, Vikings.

  2. Chargers


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