Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am 49-51-3 for the season. John is 44-56-3 for the season. Tony is 15-13 for the season
This weeks picks are:

1.) San Francisco 49ers (1-5) at home (-2) vs. Denver Broncos (2-5)
Ugly game to say the least. Alex Smith is out. That may be the good news. The 49ers just don't seem to get it. PREDICTION: BRONCOS

2.) Dallas Cowboys (1-5) at home (-6.5) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4)
If Wade Phillips were to lose this game, he'd be gone within the hour. They won't lose this game. PREDICTION: COWBOYS

3.) Detroit Lions (1-5) at home (-2.5) vs. Washington Redskins (4-3)
The Lions are coming off a bye week and the Lions are coming off a Jay Cutler gift wrapped win last week. It's tempting to take the Lions, but the Skins are winning close games and the Lions like to turn it over. PREDICTION: REDSKINS

4.) New York Jets (5-1) at home (-6) vs. Green Bay Packers (4-3)
The Packers are hurting all the more and the JETS coming off a bye week are legitimate contender, unlike the Packers. PREDICTION: JETS

5.) St Louis Rams (3-4) at home (-3) vs. Carolina Panthers (1-5)
The Rams still have a way to go and came up short against the BUCS last week, but they are going places. The Panthers, predictably defeated an underachieving 49ers last week. PREDICTION: RAMS

6.) Cincinnati Bengals (2-4) at home (-1) vs. Miami Dolphins (3-3)
The Dolphins have got to be seething and the Bengals seem clueless. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS

7.) Kansas City Chiefs (4-2) at home (-7.5) vs. Buffalo Bills (0-6)
Kansas City is for real. Can the Bills keep it close enough? The points are tough for an up and coming team, but this is in Arrowhead. PREDICTION: CHIEFS

8.) San Diego Chargers (2-5) at home (-3.5) vs. Tennessee Titans (5-2)
The Titans are solid and aggressive. The Chargers are choke artists. PREDICTION: TITANS

9.) Arizona Cardinals (3-3) at home (-3) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2)
Well, at least the Bucs will be on television this week. The Cardinals at home is not the same as playing the RAMS in Tampa. PREDICTION: CARDINALS

10.) Oakland Raiders (3-4) at home (-2.5) vs. Seattle Seahawks (4-3)
Don't let last weeks blowout in Denver fool you. The Raiders are bad because they are inconsistent. The Seahawks are getting better in a weak division. PREDICTION: SEAHAWKS

11.) New England Patriots (5-1) at home (-6) vs. Minnesota Vikings (2-4)
Will Favre play or won't he? It won't matter. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS

12.) New Orleans Saints (4-3) at home (-1) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1)
The Saints have a way of showing up on Prime Time games, Just a gut feeling. PREDICTION: SAINTS

13.) Indianapolis Colts (4-2) at home (-5.5) vs. Houston Texans (4-2)
I like the Colts but not the points. PREDICTION: TEXANS TO COVER


  1. Jaguars, Lions, Bills, Steelers

  2. Broncos
    Bills to keep it close
    Colts in a blowout


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