Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This season really sucks so far. I was 4-10. John was 5-9. Tony was 1-3.

Well, Kevin Kolb is getting killed for his performance on Sunday. Apparently, he's not Michael Vick. He doesn't play like him either. Aikman complained he missed open receivers down field. Boy, I sure bet playing QB looks easy from the booth, or if you have Erik Williams and Larry Allen blocking for you. McCoy getting hurt is the bigger deal. Stranger enough is the fact that the Eagles are 3.5 dogs to the winless Niners. BTW, the Redskins still showed me nothing.

Just when you thought the Bears and Jay Cutler had arrived we discover they can't block. Just like in pre season. Lots of blame was shifted to Cutler holding the ball too long and that's a valid criticism, but Mike Martz's empty backfield set had the look of Steve Spurrier with the Skins a few years back. Extended routes require extra time and exactly what gave Martz the impression that Cutler was ever going to get the added time? How about adjusting your game plan and not getting your "franchise" QB hurt? Did it have to take a concussion to figure this out? Apparently not, because Todd Collins received the same incoherent play calling as Cutler.

The Falcons found ways to win, but it helped that Nate Clements got stripped on a pick when a knee would've ended the game. Makes me wonder if there are contract incentives affecting decision making on the field. The Panthers gave one to the Saints as well. John Fox is toast.

I like what the Rams are doing. They are 2-2 heading into Detroit this week. They are bringing Bradford along nicely, and playing solid, disciplined football. The Seahawks are feast at home and famine on the road. The Cardinals would be running away with this division if Warner had not retired.

The Packers have  serious problems on offense. They can't run the ball. They had a two touchdown lead at home in the frozen tundra and let the Lions back in the game. The Vikings just got Randy Moss again.

The Jets are getting Calvin Pace and Santonio Holmes back this week. Oh, and Revis too. They are scary kind of methodical. The Patriots exploited Miami's special teams for all the world to see and the Bills are still the worst team in football.
The Colts will get it together. You watch. The Titans looked human at home against the Broncos. the Jags are 2-2? The Texans have sole possession of first place? Kubiak will blow it.

The Steelers get Ben back this week, but the Ravens look very,very good. The Bengals offense can't punch it in and the Browns got off the goose egg.

The Chiefs are the only unbeaten team left in the NFL. THE CHIEFS!!!!! They get the Colts this week. The Chargers are boring even when they score 41 points. The Broncos are an odd team to figure, beating the Titans in Nashville. Will the Raiders ever get right?

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  1. I'm going with the NFC East: Redskins, Cowboys, Eagles, and Giants.


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