Thursday, October 14, 2010


I was 8-6 last week. John was 7-7. Another odd week.

Ok, now there's Kevin Kolb s the underdog coming through against the Niners. I was impressed with Alex Smith after Singletary tore into him and the fans were chanting for David Carr. He may not have consistent talent, but he does have the spirit.
The Houston Texans have once again proven that they are a fraud. They have been crushed at home, first by the Cowboys and now the Giants. Are the Giants that good? Wait and see, but either way Gary Kubiak has to be held accountable.
The Redskins got a gift from Aaron Rodgers in poor clock management. He got a concussion in return. Also TE Finley is likely out for the season. The wheels are coming off their Super Bowl Train. In a nutshell, besides not going out of bounds, Aaron Rodgers was poised to spike the ball with twelve seconds left. He waited until seven seconds to spike the ball!. He had time for a quick pass outside to pick up a few more yards! Nope, he spiked with just enough time for a field goal from 53 yards away. Result? Ball hits the goal post and no good!!!! Aaron Rodgers has a lot of things going for him, but his critical decision making is poor. He GAVE the Redskins a win.
The Cowboys looked so so against Tennessee and it looks bleak.

The Bears crushed the Panthers and Jon Fox is looking like burnt toast. The Saints lack offensive punch and defensive opportunism. They simply look flat. The Buccaneers are winning games they can win. They look disciplined,poised and Freeman looks like a legit QB. The Falcons are quietly looking like the best team in the NFC. They aren't flashy, but they are playing their game. Look out.
The Bears have a pushover schedule, the Packers have too many injuries, the Lions don't have enough yet and the Vikings look different with Randy Moss. By different I mean better. Losing to the Jets is no embarrassment, but that 4th quarter spark may be what they needed to get on a roll.

Credit Ken Whisenhunt for getting the most out of his guys. They are very tough at home and he holds his roster accountable. They look poised to win that division even with rookie Max Hall at QB. The Seahawks were off. The 49ers need more help. The Rams got blown out by a Lions team itching for a break out.

The Jets had a scare, but credit the Vikings defense for their frustration. They won, which is the important part. Games like that happen in the course of the season. The Pats were off. The Bills couldn't beat the Jags at home. Nuff said there. Dolphins were also off.

The Steelers were off. The Browns played valiantly against the Falcons but were futile in the end. The Bengals are about to implode. Carson Palmer GAVE a home game to the BUCS. His pics were abysmal. The Ravens play and win ugly. We'll see how long that works.

The Colts had to fight the upstart Chiefs, but got the win. The Jags beat the hapless Bills. The Texans are the Texans, ever under achieving. The Titans are the team to keep an eye on. If they can get consistent play they have the talent to win this division.

The Raiders finally beat the Chargers and in dramatic fashion. Two blocked punts. Shawne Merriman is going to be released by the Chargers. Whatever happened to that Chargers dynasty? Why does AJ SMITH still have a job as GM? The Broncos continued their enigmatic ways by playing poorly against the Ravens. The Chiefs are much better than most people know. They are younger,faster and hungrier than the rest. Gee, I thought that's what AJ SMITH was putting together in San Diego. 


  1. Am I so easily forgotten? I was 3-1 this week.

  2. I must not have gotten it the comment. I'll check again

  3. Ok, you had your picks on the REview from last week. I'll have this weeks picks up tomorrow


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