Friday, October 22, 2010


Ok, this is later in the week than normal and my picks will be later. I was 7-6 last week. John was 6-7 last week. Tony was 3-1 last week.

I have rarely been more pleased with Andy Reid's game plan and play calling than I was last week against the Falcons. I was really concerned about the Falcons gashing the Bunkley less Eagles defensive line. The brilliant misdirection on offense got their defense off balance and confused and an early lead took away their Michael Turner advantage away. When it looked like the Falcons were clawing back into the game and Andy was dialing it back and getting conservative, Kolb hits Maclin for an 83 yard TD. Rarely have I been more impressed.

The Redskins came back to earth against the Colts. The Giants won due to the Lions critical turnovers. The Lions kept coming back and kept giving it back to the Giants. When they cut down on the errors, they will be dangerous. The Cowboys are atrocious.
The Saints got back on track, but the game was blacked out here in Tampa. This weeks Bucs game against the Rams is blacked out as well. The Bears were beaten at home by the Seahawks because the Seahawks recognized on film that the Bears can't block. Advantage: Defense. I'm pretty sure everyone else has noticed too. The Vikings are slowly crawling back into the mix. It's wide open in that division now. The Packers are hurting badly. No running game. No more TE for the season and Aaron Rodgers still doesn't know how to manage the clock.
The Cardinals were off. The Rams are 3-3. The 49ers barely beat the hapless Raiders and the Seahawks suck, even at 3-2

The Pats were very thorough in their win against the Ravens. The Jets quite so against the Broncos. The Dolphins played Parcells' ball to victory in Lambeau Field over the gutless Packers.
The Steelers were very solid against division rivals Cleveland. The Bengals were off.

The Colts got back on track, but Dallas Clark is out for the season. There does not seem to be much clicking in their receiving corps. The Texans finally stepped up to win at home against a Chiefs team they should have beaten anyway. The Jags were crushed by an improving Titans team.

The Raiders are awful. The Chiefs are young. The Broncos are an oddity and the Chargers should fire AJ SMITH

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