Thursday, October 28, 2010


I was 8-6 this week. John was 5-9 this week. Tony was 0-4 this week.

What can you say about the Eagles collapse? Nothing. The Redskins keep winning close games and the Bears gave it to them. The Giants were not as good as the Cowboys were bad. Stick a fork in the back of the Kitna led Cowboys.

The Packers were given a gift by Favre and the Vikings look like they are in a total state of confusion. The Bears still can't block and the Lions were off this week.

The Bucs keep impressing by beating teams they should defeat with their last place schedule. The Saints lack spark, look listless. The Panthers as predicted got their first win. The Falcons are back on top. Take away their dazed and confused performance against the Eagles and they are as good as the NFC has to offer.

The Seahawks are looking better and their win against the quarterback deficient Niners proves it. The Rams have a way to go, but have the young nucleus that bodes well.

Who comes out of the NFC? Who Cares? It's the AFC's year. But at least everyone has a shot to get there.

The JETS were off and the PATS looked like the old Pats. The Bills scored a lot, but the outcome was the same. The Dolphins were clearly screwed by the refs on that "down by contact" crap call.

The Steelers got a gift by the refs and Roethlisberger still can be a liability at QB. The Browns go down to New Orleans and crush the Saints? Didn't see it at the bar. The Bengals lose again. Implosion imminent. The Ravens got their act together and beat the Bills. Boring game though.

The Colts and Texans were off. The Titans had one great quarter as noted above. The Jags are back to earth and back to being annihilated.

The Chiefs are for real. They will win this division. The Raiders actually showed up and kicked some Bronco ass. The Chargers are cooked. Good riddance. 

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