Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Eagles Must Sign Vick & Make Him The Face Of The Franchise

The performance Michael Vick put on Monday night against the Redskins (on their turf, by the way) was one of the best in all of sports history.
Granted, it’s just one game. But, the fact is the Eagles are undefeated (4-0) when Vick stays healthy in the games he starts. In addition to getting his dangerous running ability back, Vick has worked his way into being the top rated QB in the league.
There is one thing I noticed more than any stat during Monday night’s game. Kick returner Jorrick Calvin fumbled during a return during the second half. Although he recovered the ball, on his way back to the sideline Vick gripped him by his jersey to let him know he needs to secure the ball better.
That was a much needed display of leadership which was a topic of concern heading into this season.
I originally was advocating Kevin Kolb as the starting QB. After all, that’s who the Eagles’ presented as the future and restructured his contract to keep him beyond this season.
It made no sense to play Vick if he’s not going to be in Philly after 2010. Now, it makes no sense to allow Vick to leave.
Kolb may become a productive, consistent starter in this league. But, neither he nor any other signal caller can bring the intangibles that Vick brings.
At the age of 30, Vick still has quite a few productive years left, especially when you consider how he’s matured as a pocket passer. If McNabb can get a 5-year deal, there’s no reason to give him at least that many.
With the overall performance Michael Vick has displayed this season, there’s no other direction to go. Sign the man as the face of the franchise because he’s already distinguished himself as such.
When Donovan McNabb was benched for Rex Grossman against the Detroit Lions two weeks ago, I stated that he would be a fool to re-sign with the Washington Redskins.
Yesterday, an announcement was made that McNabb signed a 5 year extension worth $78 million, $40 million of which was guaranteed.
I thought No. 5 would’ve been a fool to turn down that much guaranteed money. I was also curious as to why the Redskins would give that kind of contract to someone not conditioned to lead two minute drives.
Earlier today ESPN reported that McNabb’s new deal was designed to “only” pay him $3.75 million if he’s traded or released after this season.
I reverted back to my original thoughts on the former Syracuse Orangeman. He relinquished all control on his future to Dan Snyder and Mike Shanahan.
Meanwhile, in Donovan’s former town a few hours north of the District of Columbia, there’s a quarterback whose current team can ill-afford to let hit the free agency market.

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