Friday, November 19, 2010


I am 61-65-4 for the season. John is 56-70-3. Tony is 23-17. Here are this weeks picks.

1.) New York Jets (7-2) at home (-7) vs. Houston Texans (4-5)
The Texans are exposed as frauds. The Jets are coming off two road OT wins. Now they are back at home. Look for the Jets to open up against the worst defense in the league. PREDICTION: JETS

2.) Baltimore Ravens (6-3) (-11) at Carolina Panthers (1-8)
The Panthers are starting Brandon St. Pierre at QB. Who? And against the Ravens defense? PREDICTION: RAVENS

3.) Tennessee Titans (5-4) at home (-7) vs. Washington Redskins (4-5)
The Titans are disappointing, but the Redskins to say the very least were exposed on Monday night. PREDICTION: TITANS

4.) Dallas Cowboys (2-7) at home (-6.5) vs. Detroit Lions (2-7)
The Cowboys have too much talent for the Lions. PREDICTION: COWBOYS

5.) Green Bay Packers (6-3) (-3) at Minnesota Vikings (3-6)
The Vikings look like they are unravelling, which is unfortunate. The Packers have accommodated their deficiencies. PREDICTION: PACKERS

6.) Cincinnati Bengals (2-7) at home (-5.5) vs. Buffalo Bills (1-8)
The Bills barely won their first game last week over Detroit, but win they did. Cincinnati is awful, but they have more than enough at home this week. PREDICTION: BENGALS

7.) Jacksonville Jaguars (5-4) at home (-1.5) vs. Cleveland Browns (3-6)
As well as the Jags have played lately, I'm just not going to be so foolish as to pick against the Browns. PREDICTION: BROWNS

8.) Kansas City Chiefs (5-4) at home (-8.5) vs. Arizona Cardinals (3-6)
The Chiefs have given up 59 and 49 points respectively to their division rivals, Oakland and Denver. Arizona has trouble scoring, but I'm betting the points are too many. PREDICTION: CARDINALS TO COVER

9.) Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) at home (-7) vs. Oakland Raiders (5-4)
The Raiders are coming off a bye week and the Steelers are in their normal mid season swoon. PREDICTION: RAIDERS TO COVER

10.) New Orleans (6-3) at home (-11) vs. Seattle Seahawks (5-4)
The Saints are off a bye week facing the worst division leader in the league. I hate the points, but the Saints look good at mid season and Reggie Bush is back. PREDICTION: SAINTS

11.) Atlanta Falcons (7-2) (-3) at St Louis Rams (4-5)
The Rams do not have enough yet, but they are getting there. The Falcons are set for a run towards the playoffs and home field. PREDICTION: FALCONS

12.) San Francisco 49ers (3-6) at home (-3.5) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3)
The Niners have found their QB in Troy Smith. The Bucs have their franchise QB in Josh Freeman. Eve with Smith, the Niners win close. PREDICTION: BUCS TO COVER

13.) New England Patriots (7-2) at home (-4) vs, Indianapolis Colts (6-3)
This game does not have the heart of previous contests. The Patriots are healthy. The Colts are banged up. The Pats defense is no match for Manning. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS

14.) Philadelphia Eagles (6-3) at home (-3) vs. New York Giants (6-3)
It's unlikely that Vick can duplicate his Monday night performance and more unlikely that the Giants take the Eagles for granted like they did the Cowboys. But the Giants secondary sucks. If their down linemen don't get to Vick, it'll look like the "Marianas Turkey Shoot". Vick won't need much. The GMEN's running game is the only hope if they can keep him off the field. Not gonna happen. PREDICTION: EAGLES

15.) San Diego Chargers (4-5) at home (-10) vs. Denver Broncos (3-6)
The Chargers are in mid season form, but ten points? PREDICTION: BRONCOS


  1. I choose the teams with green in their uniforms: Eagles, Jets, Packers, Seahawks.

  2. JETS


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