Thursday, November 18, 2010


I was 7-7 last week. John was 3-11. Tony was 3-1.

What to say about Michael Vick? How often do you get to kick your feet up and relax after just one quarter? Jon Gruden had it right in the 4th quarter. "This game would've been a lot more interesting if it had started in the 2nd quarter". Rarely have I ever seen a performance like the one Michael Vick gave on Monday night. Of all the highlights, the best was the touchdown pass to Jason Avant. He was flushed out of the pocket, kept his eyes down field, avoided running and then threw a dart, after setting across his body and the grain to hit Avant in the back of the end zone with two defenders converging. Not as flashy as other plays, but the most indicative of the future. A poised, disciplined Michael Vick? I'm glad he's on my side.

Much has been made about Donovan McNabb's new contract signed earlier in the same day. Typical Redskins. In Donovan's defense I cannot understand why he would want to stay a Redskin. You can get the same money with better weapons in Minnesota or Arizona. Or Carolina,San Francisco and Seattle. The Redskins have no young core nucleus to build around and no offensive weapons. No draft picks either. Why bother signing with that team?

The Cowboys showed life finally, but it won't hold up. The Giants got lazy and forgot how talented the Cowboys were even at 1-7.

The Falcons continue to demonstrate a high level of consistent play. Their defeat of the Ravens was textbook championship caliber play. The Saints were off and reloading.  The Bucs continued to beat teams they should defeat, like the Panthers. Not that I'd know, because it was like all home games blacked out. That's just how bad the Tampa economy is today. 6-3 equals no sellouts.

The Bears continue to win in spite of themselves. Or it could be that the Vikings are totally lost. More likely the latter and Chilly's days are numbered. Detroit just keeps getting bad news, but Stafford's arm is not busted as it turns out. That said, they need serious QB insurance for the future, because unlike the Redskins they have a young nucleus that needs a strong QB. Losing to the Bills did not help. The Packers were off.

Seattle is the best team in a very bad division. The Rams don't have enough yet and missing the playoffs would be a blessing in the long run. The 49ers, finally have their QB in Troy Smith. About time he got his shot and so far he's making the most of it. He may save Mike Singletary.

The Jets are indefatigable. They find ways to win and that makes them as dangerous a team in the NFL. The Pats are never out of it and the Steelers were reminded of it Sunday night. The Bills managed a win, but who cares? Who's projected as the first overall pick? The Dolphins go with Tyler Thigpen who looked good on a bad Chiefs team a couple years ago. They don't have the talent to play Parcells brand football and win.

The Ravens are Steelers are coming off tough losses but are still light years better than the grossly inconsistent Bengals and the all too green Browns. The Browns, however are destined to relegate the Bengals back into the Bungals and a decade of disgrace to follow.

The Chiefs are fading because the young talent can't adjust. The Raiders are still a wait and see. The Broncos are an enigma and the Chargers are surging. Do the math.

The Colts remain the class of their division. The Texans were exposed by the Jags as the frauds they are, the Titans confuse the daylights out of me.

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