Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was 5-7-1 last week. John was 9-3-1. Tony was 2-2

The Eagles had a very impressive win against the Colts. Solid in every facet of the game, but especially effective in closing out the win. Vick rarely, if ever looked better. The Giants look like the best team in the AFC once again after annihilating the Seattle out west. Their defense is playing at the highest level possible. Perry Fewell is certain to be a head coach next year. The Cowboys, of course pulled the trigger on firing Wade Phillips. It was deserved. That performance against the Packers was pathetic. It was clear (Mike Jenkins) that they had given up. No Super Bowl for you boys.
The Packers are looking great, but I still consider Aaron Rodgers a liability in the big game. His clock management skills will haunt him in the playoffs. Brett Favre saved Brad Childress's job, but their defense put him into position to win it in the end and he did in sensational fashion. It likely won't likely save Childress in the end. The Lions have now lost Matthew Stafford for the season. Again. His second season and second season ending injury. Time for serious franchise insurance at QB. Sad but true. The Bears had a singularly unimpressive win against the Bills in Toronto especially coming off a bye week.

The Falcons-Bucs game was perhaps the game of the week. Good thing it was on the road so I could see the game. Aurellious Benn and Mike Williams to go along with Josh Freeman and Legarette Blount form a great offensive nucleus. Look out. The Falcons are as solid and consistent and dangerous as always. The Saints look back to form at defense and it shows on both sides of the ball. What to say about the Panthers? Nothing.

The Rams were off, the Seahawks were obliterated, the Cardinals choked and the Niners were also off. Pick a team out of a hat to see who goes out in the first round of the playoffs.

The Jets kept their poise and prevented the upset from those upstart Lions. Sanchez isn't flashy, but when they let him he can make all the plays. The Pats were stunned in a shellacking by the surging Browns. The Dolphins embarrassed themselves in Baltimore. The Bills, ever valiant still lost to the Bears.

The Colts are seriously hurting, but Manning is all game, keeping it close. The Texans are back to being the Texans. Bye bye Gary Kubiak. The Titans and Jags were both off.

The Steelers held off division rivals Cincinnati in a great game, but typically boring nonetheless. The Browns have their future QB in rookie Colt McCoy. What was Denver thinking in dealing Peyton Hillis for Brady Quinn? Hillis had demonstrated his abilities in Denver and they dealt him anyway. The Ravens are the best team in this division. Sorry, Steelers.

The Chiefs gave it up to their oldest and greatest rivals, the Oakland Raiders. The silver and gold look formidable going forward, but the Chargers are back to their mid season surging ways as well. Can the Chiefs recover and regain momentum? We'll see.

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