Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tough Win Over Giants Shows Us The Competitiveness Of Young Eagles

Tough Win Over Giants Shows Us The Competitiveness Of Young Eagles

The Eagles tough win over the Giants said much more about this young Birds team than last week’s blowout of the Redskins. In the Monday game, we saw the Birds talent, this week we saw their hearts and intestinal fortitude.
It wasn’t a pretty game and they were unable to spring the big pass plays deep in the way they had against Washington. They got off to a slow start before finding a way to attack the Giants tough defense.
Andy Reid knew the Birds were going to have some ups and downs and was proud of the way his football team fought.
“It’s an important game”, Reid said. “They’re all important, but this part of it, we needed to do. The guys buckled down and they all trusted each other. You saw the offense cheering for the defense, and the defense cheering for the offense. They weren’t hanging their heads. They kept battling, and I’m proud of them for that.”
Veteran quarterback Michael Vick knew this football team wasn’t going to score 28 points in each first quarter and blow their opponents out by over 30 points.
“We knew this game wasn’t going to be like last game. We knew there was going to be adversity that we were going to have to deal with,” Vick said. “It’s all about fighting, winning the tough ones, and pulling it out when you need to.”
“That’s the reason why I put that game behind me when it was over – because I knew expectations were going to be through the roof and I knew people were going to expect us to score 50 points a game, but it’s not going to work that way, especially against a good defense like the Giants have.”
The fact that they battled back from a 4th quarter deficit against the best defense in the National Football League says something for this football team. They hung together and rose to the occasion.
“It says that we are for real and that is how we want to be taken”, wide receiver Jeremy Maclin said in the locker room. “We know we have a lot of work to do, but I think we are heading in the right direction.”
His fellow wide receiver, DeSean Jackson concurred with him.
“It shows us a lot about ourselves”, Jackson told a group of reporters. “We feel like we are one of the best teams in the conference and we played like it. It’s not going to always be as pretty as we want it to be and we realize that. The bottom line is we need to find a way to get it done and we did that.”

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