Sunday, December 19, 2010


Eagles Shock The Giants With 4th Quarter Comeback

This was the most amazing comeback I have ever for Andy Reid-led Philadelphia Eagles football teams. They were down by 21 points with only 7 minutes left on the clock, when they played some thrilling football.

The first touchdown was a well-designed play with wide receiver Jeremy Maclin sneaking across the field on a short route. He was wide open and Vick hit him with the pass. It was the first touchdown of the game for the Birds. They had taken advantage of a fumble by Giants wide receiver Mario Manningham.

The second touchdown was a throw down the middle to tight end Brent Celek. He beat Giants Pro Bowl defensive end Justin Tuck and then eluded a tackle by New York safety Kenny Phillips. Vick put it out there and Celek made the catch.

This was the play that ignited the comeback. There were about seven minutes to go in the game and it got the Birds within two touchdowns of the Giants. The touchdown made the score, 31-17.

On the kickoff, the Eagles caught the Giants sleeping. Kicker David Akers made an onside kick and it went short and high into the air. A number of the Birds screened off the New York blockers, who were trying to recover and put themselves in position to get the ball.

Back up rookie wide receiver Riley Cooper went up and recovered the ball. Vick went into action as he used his legs for the most part to bring them back. He took the next score in from 4 yards out to make the score 31-24.

The defense went in there and stopped the Giants on downs to force them to punt.

The New York was doing a good job of putting pressure on Vick, so he decided to use their aggressiveness against them. He took it into his own hands on the last drive by pulling the ball down and taking off.

On the tying score, Vick spotted Maclin and got the ball to him. The young wide receiver made a tackler miss and scored.

Next up, the defense did their job again as they forced the Giants to punt.

There were only 14 seconds left on the clock. Andy Reid sent DeSean Jackson out there and he did his magic.

I didn’t think they were going to punt to Jackson and he made them pay.

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