Friday, December 17, 2010

Mike Shanahan Should Be Fired and Dan Snyder Be Forced To Sell the Redskins

ESPN has the story here: Donovan McNabb Benched In Favor of Grossman? The biggest Donovan McNabb haters must concede that he's light years better than Rex Grossman. The excuse as posited in the link is that Shanahan wants to get a look at the other Quarterbacks on the roster. The others? Rex Grossman and John Beck. Has Shanahan had his head in the sand for the last decade or did his decade long pursuit in post Elway Denver take up so much attention that he was ignorant of their respective careers to date?

Donovan McNabb has learned the hard way how good he had it in Philadelphia. The incessant reminders of being booed at the draft was ignored as those who booed demanded he start as a rookie. He won't be in Washington next year and good for him. Arizona, Minnesota or San Francisco will take him gladly.

I've always thought that Shanahan was over rated but this takes the cake. What a mother fucking moron. Redskins fans deserve better than this bullshit.

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