Friday, December 17, 2010


I missed last night's game. Sorry. I was 9-6 last week and am 96-93-4 for the season. John was 10-5 and is 87-102-3. Tony was 3-1 and is 31-25 for the season.

Here are this weeks picks.

1.) New York Giants (9-4) at home (-3) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (9-4)
Everybody's on the Giants this week. Bradley is out and if the Eagles can't get push up the middle, then it'll be a long day for the Eagles defense. The Eagles must stop the run, otherwise misdirection in the Redzone will eat them up. This game may very well be decided on the coin toss. That is to say, whoever gets the ball first, sets the offensive tone. For all the Eagles injury woes, their WR's cannot be stopped by the Giants secondary. The Giants defense must get after Vick to make up for mismatch at the skill positions. I think Andy has schemed from the last game when the Giants D got Vick to play to his right. PREDICTION: EAGLES

2.) Dallas Cowboys (4-9) at home (-7) vs. Washington Redskins (5-8)
So, one of the great rivalries in all of sports and what does Mike Shanahan do? He starts Rex Grossman and benches Donovan McNabb. Forget that Donovan's best performances were against the Cowboys and your team historically gets jacked up against the Cowboys, no matter their records. Genius. The Albert Einstein of x's and o's. What a morale builder, brainiac. PREDICTION: COWBOYS

3.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-5) at home (-5.5) vs,. Detroit Lions (3-10)
Well, I hope you enjoy this game in Detroit because that's the only place you'll see it. Blacked out here. But o the bright side, global warming has struck in cold and frosty Florida. It feels good not to have the heat on. I might actually have to turn on the air. PREDICTION: BUCS

4.) Baltimore Ravens (9-4) at home (-1) vs. New Orleans Saints (10-3)
Baltimore was getting killed by the Texans on Monday night. The Saints are just as hot as they get. Home field matters here. The cold in Baltimore will help. PREDICTION: RAVENS

5.) St Louis Rams (6-7) at home (-1) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (8-5)
The Chiefs have the Chargers nipping at their heels and the Rams are poised to win the division if they win out. The Chiefs, however do a very good job of adjusting. PREDICTION: CHIEFS

6.) Tennessee Titans (5-8) at home (-1.5) vs. Houston Texans (5-8)
The Titans are falling apart and have no QB play. Houston comes off a disappointing Monday Night loss.PREDICTION: TEXANS

7.) Indianapolis Colts (7-6) at home vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-5)
The Jags can run, almost at will and the Colts can't keep up. PREDICTIONS: JAGS TO COVER

8.) Carolina Panthers (1-11) at home (-2.5) vs. Arizona Cardinals (4-9)
The Panthers favored? PREDICTION: CARDINALS

9.) Cincinnati Bengals (2-11) at home (-1) vs. Cleveland Browns (5-8)
The Bengals are finding ways to lose and Carson Palmer looks lost. PREDICTION: BROWNS

10.) Miami Dolphins (7-6) at home (-5.5) vs. Buffalo Bills (3-10)
This is a rivalry game and the Dolphins don't win big when they do win. PREDICTION:BILLS

11.)  Atlanta Falcons (11-2) (-7) at Seattle Seahawks (6-7)
Do I have to analyze this? PREDICTION: FALCONS

12.) Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3) at home (-6) vs. New York Jets (9-4)
Everyone is burying the Jets. I'm not. The Jets have been here before and still have the talent. PREDICTION: JETS TO COVER

13.) Oakland Raiders (6-7) at home (-5) vs. Denver Broncos (3-10) My line. none available
I have no official line, so I set up my own. PREDICTION: RAIDERS

14.) New England Patriots (10-3) at home (-7) vs. Green Bay Packers (8-5) My line.None avail.
The reason there is no official line yet is because of Aaron Rodgers. It won't matter anyway. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS

15.) Chicago Bears (9-4) (-5) at Minnesota Vikings (5-8) Mu line. None available
No line because of Favre condition, so I plucked one out of the thin blue air. PREDICTION: BEARS


  1. Eagles, Pathers, Patriots, and for you, Kevin, the Redskins with Rex Grossman.

  2. Giants


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