Friday, December 10, 2010


I was 8-8 last week. John was 5-11. Tony was 3-1. I am 87-87-4 for the season. John is 77-97-3. Tony is 29-24.

Last night's game snuck up on me unawares and I neglected to post a pick. Here are this week's pick with an overview from last week.

1.) Jacksonville Jaguars (7-5) at home (-4) vs. Oakland Raiders (6-6)
Jack Del Rio deserves enormous credit and ought to be seriously considered for Coach of the year, especially since I was certain they were going to be a season long debacle. Tom Cable has the talented, but clearly inconsistent Raiders playing better than they have in years. If they'd had a QB, they might have won their division. Jason Campbell was given a second chance at a new life in the NFL and has flubbed it. The Raiders don't have enough to take across continent to Jacksonville, however. PREDICTION: JAGUARS

2.) Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3) at home (-8.5) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (2-10)
The Steelers did what the Steelers do best and found a way to win against the odds. The Bengals do what the Bengals always do. They bungled an opportunity to win a winnable game. It also must be said that it is time that the Bengals and Carson Palmer need to part company, but Palmer's performance is in no small part responsible for the inexplicably poot performance of last years division winner. They've been healthy, but leaderless. His talent and the Bengals future necessitate a separation.  PREDICTION: STEELERS

3.) Buffalo Bills (2-10) at home (-1) vs. Cleveland Browns (5-7)
Cleveland beat a Dolphin team last week that clearly has no QB. They have plenty of talent, but Chad Henne has clearly shown poor judgement and has regressed at what seemed to be a promising career as a starter. The Dolphins play Parcells brand football, but Henne doesn't protect the ball as Parcells' protege' Tony Sparano needs in that system from the QB. The Dolphins will not compete if they maintain the status quo at the position. Cleveland may need a strong run to save Eric Mangini's job and they also have a lot of young talent, but lack a healthy QB. Colt McCoy may be the future, but not at the moment. The Bills at home are a difficult win. PREDICTION: BILLS

4.) Green Bay Packers (8-4) (-7) at Detroit Lions (2-10)
Green Bay handled a struggling 49ers team that held their own for one half. Sadly, there's not enough to likely save Mike Singletary. Had the Niners given up a second round pick for Donovan McNabb, they would be in the playoffs already. But bad management will always prevent good judgement. Detroit hung with the Bears last week, but that is the story of their 2-10 season. PREDICTION: LIONS TO COVER

5.) Atlanta Falcons (10-2) (-7.5) at Carolina Panthers (1-11)
The Falcons won't have to worry about a close outcome this week. They are poised for home field advantage in the playoffs anda likely trip to Dallas in the end. The Panthers? PREDICTION: FALCONS

6.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5) (-2) at Washington Redskins (5-7)
The Redskins looked like they might compete, but that was them running on Coach Shanahan's steam. Well, that train has stopped chugging along because no coach can take a talentless team very far. The fact that under Shanahan they will not get better is lost on many, but not me. They won't get better because he and owner Dan Snyder share a common malady. They both think they can make a winner from free agents and overpaid, over the hill veterans. One year they might find lightning in a bottle, but so what? The Bucs, by contrast is a franchise with a coach that understands how to rebuild and provide for consistent competetiveness. They have lost the last two, but hung tight against better opponents. They are the future, the Skins are the past. PREDICTION: BUCS

7.) New York Giants (8-4) (-3) at Minnesota Vikings (5-7)
Will Brett Favre play or Tarvaris Jackson? Not a good option. The Vikings defense will have to score points. The Giants have played lazy all season and the Vikings seemed incapable of adjusting to their opponents. PREDICTION: GIANTS

8.) New Orleans Saints (9-3) at home (-9) vs. St Louis Rams (6-6)
As well as the Rams have played relative to their division rivals, the Saints are hitting their stride. PREDICTION: SAINTS
9.) San Francisco 49ers (4-8) at home (-5.5) vs Seattle Seahawks (5-7)
The play of the 49ers is entirely consistent. Awful. The Seahawks do not have enough talent. Yet. The points are too many. PREDICTION: SEAHAWKS TO COVER

10.) New England (10-2) (-3) at Chicago Bears (9-3)
The Patriots look like they are back to their old dominating ways and the Bears are in their crosshairs. The Bears have been pulling rabbits out their hats with wind of late, but Belichick dons a hood, not a hat. PREDICTION: PATS

11.) New York Jets (9-3) at home (-5) vs. Miami Dolphins (6-6)
Under normal conditions, I would take the Dolphins to cover because this rivalry sems always to be decided by field goals. This rivalry however was driven by the likes of Dan Marino striking fear into the hearts of Jets' defenses and Chad Henne or any other Chad does not rate a Marino. PREDICTION: JETS

12.) Denver Broncos (3-9) (-4.5) at Ariziona Cardinals (3-9)
Who cares about this game? Josh McDaniels is gone and I think that is enough to inspire. PREDICTION: BRONCOS

13.) San Diego Chargers (6-6) at home (-3) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (8-4)
The 3 points is my line because no line is posted at the moment. The Chargers came down to Earth last week. The Chiefs are playing a nice,consistent brand of football and rebounded from harsh divisional blowouts. Can the Chargers get back on track and resume their mid to late season run? Not in my mind. PREDICTION: CHIEFS

14.) Philadelphia Eagles (8-4) (-3.5) at Dallas Cowboys (4-8)
The Cowboys have clearly been playing better of late, but not world beaters. They have lost Dez Bryant for the season, which will clearly hurt on special team and in the passing game. They'll no doubt try to exploit the Eagles run defense, but I suspect that will not be enough. The Eagles may be without Asante Samuel again. A clear loss, but in the end it will come down to whether the Eagles can keep the Cowboys from hitting Vick. PREDICTION: EAGLES

15.) Baltimore Ravens (8-4) (-3) at Houston Texans (5-7)
The Texans will likely be seeking a new head coach after this season is over. The Ravens are looking to keep up with the Steelers. PREDICTION: RAVENS


  1. Lions, Falcons, Eagles, Steelers.

  2. Jags

  3. And technically to start this week, I am 28-24, not 29-24.


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