Thursday, December 2, 2010


I was 10-6 last week. John was 6-10.

Well, Andy Reid let his team have it after the debacle against the Bears. the absence of Assante Samuel, had the secondary playing without any aggression. They were on their heels and the Bears took advantage by using their speedy wideouts on quick posts and slants, isolating them on slower linebackers. Mismatches all around. The Eagles took this game for granted and that is ultimately why they lost. People forget that for all the talent on this team, they are still one of the youngest teams in the league.
The Redskins continue to play admirably, despite the lack of a nucleus. The Giants were getting gashed by the JAGS running game in the first half, but recovered just in time to squeak out a win. The Cowboys gave the Saints a run, but the underachievers fell short.

The Falcons aren't flashy, but boy are they good. Very consistent,methodical, disciplined and limited penalties have driven them to a 9-2 record. Impressive win against the Packers. The Saints recovered in time against Dallas and are looking very dangerous. The Bucs proved they can stay with a good team, even on the road. A dropped sure TD pass by Spurlock kept their loss to the Ravens from heading to OT. The Panthers played admirably against a Browns team that does not know how to close.

The Bears are looking much better and more disciplined, but I continue to assert that the Packers, even without a running game is the best team in this division. The Vikings played like it was 2009 last week against the Redskins and they came away with the win. The Lions still don't have enough to win, despite a valiant first half against the Pats.

The Rams won  in Denver. No easy feat even if the Broncos stink. They are now tied at 5-6 with the Seahawks. Worst division ever. The Cardinals? Why wasn't Kurt Warner talked out of retiring?

The Jets and Patriots both had impressive Thanksgiving Day victories, but the Pats were still exposed on defense. The Dolphins are hanging around, a perennial enigma. The Bills, thanks to Steve Johnson did not upset the Steelers in OT. A shame, because Johnson has been one of the great stories in the league.
The Ravens and Steelers are destined to slog it out down the stretch, both having held back impressive challenges by the Bucs and Bills. The Browns are growing, but lack the "it" you need to win in this league. The Bungles are back.

The AFC South is unusually mediocre this years thanks to Colts not being able to overcome their injury plagued roster. Everyone is in contention. No one seems to have enough to carry the day. The Colts still have Manning, but he looks strained. The Jags are clearly playing WAY above their talent level and Jack Del Rio deserves enormous credit, yet again. The Texans don't have the defense and the Titans no longer have a QB.

Kansas City showed it can win on the road by crushing the Seahawks. The Chargers are on their run, by humiliating the scarred Colts. The Raiders came back down to Earth against the Dolphins and the Broncos seem destined for a new head coach next year.

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