Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eagles Linebackers Coach Bill Shuey Has Been Shown The Door


The Philadelphia Eagles have confirmed that last year’s linebacker coach Bill Shuey is being shown the door and he won’t return next season. It makes sense, why would you bring him back if you let the defensive coordinator and defensive backfield coach say good-bye. You might as well clean house.

This leads me to believe that the Eagles are very confident that they have a defensive coordinator that they want on the hook. I also believe that the person, whom they want to bring in, has been notified and has let their would-be position coaches what’s up.

There’s no way a well-run organization would put themselves in a position where they are without a defensive coordinator, linebacker coach or secondary coach.

They do have some defensive coaches still in the staff. Of course new defensive line coach Jim Washburn is under contract and they also have former Eagles linebacker Mike Caldwell on the staff as an assistant linebacker coach and former Eagles safety Mike Zordich as an assistant secondary coach.

Despite those coaches being in place, the Eagles have a big gaps open in the staff with no defensive coordinator, linebacker or secondary coach. It looks like they’re going to wait until the Super Bowl is over before they can move up and grab the defensive coordinator that they want.

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