Monday, January 17, 2011

Jim Mora Jr.?

From What We Might Learn From The Defensive Coordinator Hiring

I have been told by a league source that we will learn a great deal about the Eagles future from what they do with their selection of a new defensive coordinator.

I took from that statement that the person who is hired as the team’s defensive coordinator, may in time also be the new head coach in the future should Andy Reid decide to say good-bye. Reid could go elsewhere if he grows tire of sharing power with other members of the team’s front office.

If Reid were to ever get back on the market he would likely be given the opportunity to have complete control of an organization. Reid could decide to be the coach and the team President elsewhere or he could decide to hire a coach and play the role that his mentor Mike Holmgren is currently playing in Cleveland.
Perhaps the desire to put the next head coach in place is one of the reasons that a former head coach like Jim Mora Jr. is the leading candidate to become the team’s new defensive coordinator. Mora also happens to have a great relationship with the guy this team will probably be built around for the next five years, Michael Vick.

Let me reason for a minute.

If the Birds were to sign Mora as the team’s new defensive coordinator, they would have a charismatic and fiery type of personality running their defense. I think that would play well here in Philadelphia. He has an extensive resume and he’s got a reputation for putting together solid pass defenses. If you haven’t noticed our pass defense was awful this year and could use some help.

Mora is currently working for NFL Network and does a good job of working with the media which would be a prerequisite for coaching here in the City of Brotherly Love.

The former Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks coach has been out of coaching for a couple of years, so he doesn’t have the power to come in making any demands. If he ever became the team’s head coach he wouldn’t be able to make the demands for power which have seen in Reid time at the helm.

Mora would never been given the power that Reid has been able to amass.

Howie Roseman would be the team’s General Manager in the true sense of word. He would be running the football team and deciding which players would be brought in and which players would sent packing. A blind man can see that Reid’s power is decreasing and the decision-making power of Roseman is increasing.

Mora would in charge of the football team when they practiced or took the field in a game. He would be the team’s coach the coach alone.

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