Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well, where did the season go and why did it have to go so fast? Sad, really. I was 6-9 last week and am 110-109-4 for the season. John was 9-6 for 102-117-3 for the season. Tony was 1-3 last week and 35-29 overall for the season.

This week is always tough because so many are being seated because the spots are already placed out. This week is as anti climatic as it gets.

1.) Atlanta Falcons (12-3) at home (-15) vs. Carolina Panthers (2-13)
John Fox will not be returning next year as his contract is up. It's a shame he got the Falcons needing a win to clinch home field. The Falcons are stinging from Monday night's loss and will abuse the Panthers. Fifteen points is a lot normally. Not this week. PREDICTION: FALCONS

2.) Pittsburgh Steelers (11-4) (-6) at Cleveland Browns (5-10)
Normally, I might be inclined to take the Browns as this rivalry is intense. But the Steelers need this win to win the division. Moreover, unlike last year and earlier this year the Browns are not ending on a high note. They have a very young team. but a poor finish is haunting them. One must wonder if Mike Holmgrem will pull the trigger on HC Eric Mangini. Beating the Steelers would provide job security, but I'm not betting on it. PREDICTION: STEELERS

3.) Detroit Lions (5-10) at home (-3) vs. Minnesota Vikings (6-9)
Leslie Frazier can solidify his chances of becoming the full time head coach with a win over Detroit after defeating the putrid Eagles on Tuesday. The Lions are coming off two straight road wins against two good teams in Florida. They are doing what the Browns and Bucs did last year and finishing strong. PREDICTION: LIONS

4.) Kansas City Chiefs (10-5) at home (-4) vs. Oakland Raiders (7-8)
Kansas City has clinched the division and has nothing to play for. Todd Haley is the well deserved coach of the year. Four points in this rivalry when one is looking to rest? PREDICTION: RAIDERS

5.) New England Patriots (13-2) at home vs. Miami Dolphins (7-8)
Will Miami pull the trigger on Head Coach Tony Sparano? New England is set to humiliate them. PREDICTION: PATS

6.) New Orleans Saints (11-2) at home (-9) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-6)
Can the Saints stop Legarrette Blounte? The Bucs will be able to grind out the clock and at least cover. PREDICTION: BUCS TO COVER

7.) New York Jets (10-5) at home (Even) vs. Buffalo Bills (4-11)
The Jets are in no matter what. They are resting everyone. PREDICTION: BILLS

8.) Baltimore Ravens (11-4) at home (-10) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (4-11)
The Bengals are finishing strong after a poor season in which they were supposed to contend. Once the pressure was off they decided to play to their talent level. Carson Palmer needs a new home and Marvin Lewis is toast. Ten is a lot however. I'll take it anyway. PREDICTION: RAVENS

9.) San Diego Chargers (8-7) (-4) at Denver Broncos (4-11)
Tim Tebow has shown he can play and deserves the opportunity to succeed. The Chargers have finally learned you can't get off to a bad start and assume you can make it up later. Oh, and Vincent Jackson and Marcus MacNeill are gone next year too. Two more Pro Bowlers that AJ SMITH lets go in their prime. So much for this would be Super Bowl Dynasty, huh? Poor Philip Rivers, we hardly knew ye. PREDICTION:BRONCOS
10.) Green Bay Packers (9-6) at home (-10) vs. Chicago Bears (11-4)
The Packers can thank the Eagles losing to the Vikings for a New Years playoff gift. The Bears have the second seed locked up and are resting their starters. A gift indeed. PREDICTION: PACKERS

11.) Indianapolis Colts (9-6) at home (-10) vs. Tennessee Titans (6-9)
The Colts rest no one. The Titans are shot. A decision in Nashville. Jeff Fisher or Vince Young? They'll probably keep Young. Good for Fisher, bad for Titans fans. Prediction: COLTS

12.) Philadelphia Eagles (10-5) at home (-3) vs. Dallas Cowboys (5-10)
Kevin Kolb gets the start and they rest everyone. The Cowboys are starting Stephen McGee at QB. PREDICTION: EAGLES

13.) San Francisco 49ers (5-10) at home (-6) vs. Arizona Cardinals (5-10)

14.) New York Giants (9-6) (-4) vs. Washington Redskins (6-9)
This game parallels the Packer game. Giants are screwed and playing awful. If they lose Coughlin is gone. PREDICTION: REDSKINS

15.) Houston Texans (5-10) at home (-3) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-7)
The Jags finished weak, but they'll run all over the soon to be Gary Kubiak less Texans. PREDICTION:JAGS

16.) St Louis Rams (7-8) (-3) vs. Seattle Seahawks (6-9)
The Rams will spare the NFL the embarrassment of a team with a losing record making the playoffs. PREDICTION: RAMS

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