Saturday, January 8, 2011


Me and John were both 7-9 last week. Tony was 2-2. I finished the season 117-118-4. John finished 109-126-3. Tony finished 37-31. John now owes me three dinners. See you in Charlotte.

I don't normally pick playoff games, and they don't count towards the final, but I'll pick this week.

1.) New Orleans Saints (-10) at Seattle Seahawks
If the Seahawks can run they have an outside shot, but they can't run the ball. PREDICTION: SAINTS

2.) Indianapolis Colts at home (-2) vs. New York Jets
The Colts have established a running game, the Jets have not. That said PREDICTION: JETS

3.) Baltimore Ravens (-3) at Kansas City Chiefs
Arrowhead is as tough as it gets, but experience matters and the Ravens have a history of winning on the road. PREDICTION: RAVENS

4.) Philadelphia Eagles at home (-2.5) vs. Green Bay Packers
Everybody is riding the Packer bandwagon and with some good reason. They'll blitz, but I'm betting McCoy gets into the flat. PREDICTION: EAGLES

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