Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eagles Draft LB Casey Matthews & Nebraska Kicker In Fourth Round

The Eagles drafted the little brother of Packers Pro Bowl linebacker Clay Matthews, Oregon All-Pac 10 linebacker Casey Matthews and they also may have punched Pro Bowl kicker David Akers or punter Sav Rocca’s ticket out of town by drafting Nebraska kicker/punter, Alex Henery.

The Birds had flown Matthews into town and spent time with him, so the youngster was familiar with the organization and he’s thrilled to be an Eagle. They got him with pick #116. He’s a very active player, who does a great job of getting to the ball.

I liked the instincts of the young linebacker when I saw him play at Oregon. Matthews doesn’t have great speed or size but he does have a great feel for both the passing and running games. You can tell that he’s been schooled about formations and tendencies of offenses. He’s quick to recognize screens and draws, plus he does a good job of getting off blocks and making plays.

“I’m trying to reach a level that my brother and my father didn’t reach,” Matthews said. “I don’t want to be known as Clay’s little brother, but I want to be known as Casey Matthews.”

In fairness to the younger Matthews, he’s not the physical specimen as his brother or for that matter, his father, but he should be able to compete for playing time at one of the linebacker position in the near future.

In a somewhat of a surprising move, which could mark the end of David Akers career in Philadelphia, the Eagles just selected kicker/punter, Alex Henery from Nebraska. He is said to be capable of making an NFL club as either a kicker or a punter and they youngster has a very strong leg.

I have no idea, whether he is being brought in as a kicker or punter, but you can believe that both Akers and Eagles punter Sav Rocca have gotten the word about this selection.

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