Friday, April 29, 2011

Eagles Fans Suffered Irreparable Harm This Past Week


Philadelphia Eagles fans should be able to file a grievance against Judge Susan Richard Nelson, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and all the NFL owners because they did irreparable harm to this football team and therefore the teams fans, this past week. If this were a perfect world, they would be able to sue all the forementioned parties for millions of dollars in damages.

Never again will Eagles backup quarterback Kevin Kolb have the value he would have had last night, if they had been able to trade him.

Nearly a third of the league was in heat as they tried to find a functioning quarterback. They were in such heat that mediocre Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder was drafted with the 12th pick in the first round. If Ponder is worthy of the 12th pick, then what would Kolb have been worth.

This situation will never occur again. Kolb’s value will never be as high as it was last night leading up to that draft. If only the Eagles had been able to deal him for draft picks. Add to that the years Eagles fans have been rooting for the team as they tried and failed to win a Super Bowl championship, and you see the damage that was done last night to Eagles fans.

If you take away the lockout and allow the Eagles to trade Kolb, the team would have been in great position for the next few years to win a Super Bowl. That situation was damaged by Judge Nelson, Commissioner Goodell and all the NFL owners. You can’t blame the NFLPA because they had went into court to allow football to continue and they won the case.

Today the NFL will be sending around a memo to tell NFL teams what the protocol will be for trading and signing players. This should have been done at least a week before the draft rather than a day or two after the draft.

Eagles fans have a right to be angry and frustrated by this situation. All the Eagles needed was a day or two to have been able to make a deal which would have changed the face of this team and it would have greatly improved their defense, but they were denied the opportunity.

Judge Nelson, NFL Commissioner Goodell and the NFL owners shafted the Eagles this past week. First of all, Judge Nelson should have made her ruling the week before, rather a day or two before the draft. If she had done it sooner, it would have allowed the NFL to put rules in place before the draft, which would have allowed the Eagles to trade Kolb and get immediate help for their defense.

How would this football team look with cornerback Patrick Peterson, defensive end Aldon Smith, defensive end Ryan Kerrigan, cornerback Prince Amukamara or defensive end Adrian Clayburn on the roster? This would have made a huge difference.

Secondly, the owners were stalling around for a few days after she gave her ruling on Monday afternoon and focusing on getting a stay. If they had started putting rules in place, rather than merely stalling, the Eagles would have had time to trade Kolb.

I would argue that Philadelphia Eagles fans have suffered irreparable harm because of what Judge Nelson, Roger Goodell and the NFL owners did this past week and the fans should be able to receive damages for what they suffered.

We all know that’s not going to happen, but that doesn’t deny the truth.

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