Friday, July 29, 2011

Eagles Swoop Ahead Of Cowboys & Jets To Sign Asomugha


In shocking fashion the Philadelphia swooped in and signed Pro Bowl cornerback Nmandi Asomugha ahead of the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets.

All day today, the Jets and the Cowboys were thought to be the two teams in a duel to get Asomugha. The Eagles were never mentioned. Then all of sudden on the NFL Network, Michael Lombardi said that some how both the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets were out of the running and another had moved in on them and outbid them.

To my shock, a minute or two later, the Philadelphia Eagles were revealed to be the team that signed Asomugha. They signed to a five-year deal for $60 million dollars.

This might mean that Asante Samuel, who has played for the Birds the last few years, may be heading elsewhere. It’s hard to believe that the Eagles would keep three Pro Bowl level cornerbacks.

Rodgers-Cromartie and Asomugha are taller than Samuel and may be better match-ups for the big receivers which the Eagles face.

There’s a good chance that the Eagles are going to keep all of them. In the NFL right now, defenses go with three cornerbacks nearly 50% of the defensive calls. It be a great situation if the Eagles could matchup their three cornerbacks with all of the three wide receiver sets they face during the season.

Remember that this is a passing league. The Eagles said they were going to make a splash in free agency and my or my they’ve done it.

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