Thursday, July 28, 2011

Philly can start the Vince Young rumors


As you may or may not have noticed, the Tennessee Titans soured on Vince Young a long time ago. A petulant headcase who hardly screams “leader,” Young completely wore out his welcome in Tennessee.

So, today they made him a free man and cut him. And a source tells ESPN’s Adam Schefter that VY “already was eyeing” the Philadelphia Eagles a potential destination. And some around the league are apparently saying that the Eagles are the “favorite” to land his services.

Whatever that means.

I’m personally okay with Young as a backup. Do I want to enter the season with him as a starter, and rely on him to not throw his shoulder pads into the stands and have to be coaxed to go back out and play the second half of a playoff game that I’m winning? No.

VY has some issues, that we know. But what about as a backup? I’ll take him all day over Mike Kafka, who is just not ready to backup an injury-prone player who admits that he doesn’t know how to slide.

However, Young has demonstrated an ability to win games. And isn’t that what you want out of your backup QB? Just give me a chance to win while we wait for Vick to heal.

Sad to say, but Young might just be the Eagles best option at this point to back up Vick. And maybe a fresh start is exactly what he needs. Remember: QB’s tend to play their best football in Philly, so who knows?

Oh, and don’t forget the Jim Washburn connection. That has absolutely nothing to do with Young whatsoever, but everyone seems to just throw that out there for every other player, so I thought I’d use it here to.

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