Friday, July 29, 2011

Report: Kyle Orton trade to Miami Dolphins ‘Is Dead’

From: RedZone Talk

Throughout the week, all signs pointed to Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton being traded to the Miami Dolphins–it was just a matter of both teams working out a fair deal for it to happen. Now, it appears the two teams were unable to work out a fair deal–which means the Dolphins will be missing out on acquiring Orton for the 2011 season.

According to to Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel, the possible trade of Orton to the Dolphins “is dead” and the team has agreed to bring on former Carolina Panthers quarterback Matt Moore instead. Moore is expected to sign a two-year deal on Friday worth around $5 million–which means Chad Henne will most likely be the starting quarterback for the Dolphins next season instead of Orton.

From Kelly’s Twitter account:

“Steve Ross told Sun-Sentinel columnist Dave Hyde the Kyle Orton trade “is dead.” Bluff or serious? You be the judge.”

“I can confirm the Matt Moore deal is a go. He should sign officially later today.”

Well–it looks like Tim Tebow won’t be guaranteed the starting job after all in Denver. With the Orton-to-Miami deal falling through, it looks like Broncos will once again provide one of the most interesting quarterback battles in training camp.

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