Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lurie Speaks, Abiamiri Tears ACL, Dixon Sprains Knee And Sapp Leaves Camp Again


Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie talked to the media today in what is the yearly “State Of The Eagles” news conference. Before that he spent quite a bit of practice making sure that Asante Samuel knew that the Eagles want him to play here.

Here are a number of comments Lurie made today:

- Eagles say they’re not the Dream Team. He says the Dream Team is the Green Bay Packers, who have the Lombardi Trophy.
- He mentioned the CBA benefitting former players and the new rookie wage scale.
- Lurie says the Eagles have spent to the Max when talking about their financial management
- Lurie refused to talk about.the DeSean Jackson holdout. He said he looks forward to D Jax coming in.
- Lurie: Two of their best moves was signing Mudd and Washburn
- Lurie says they have salary cap room to make more moves
- Lurie is talking about the tough competition in the NFC. Atlanta, New Orleans, Green Bay, and etc

610-WIP’s Howard Eskin reported that Eagles defensive end Victor Abiamiri has an ACL tear and is planning on retiring. It’s unfortunate but we’ll never know what kind of football player he is because he can’t stay healthy.

Abiamiri has got to be totally frustrated about not being able to stay healthy.

According to Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder, defensive tackle Antonio Dixon sprained his knee but it wasn’t very serious. They don’t expect him to miss much practice time.

Nmandi Asomugha and Vince Young are getting antsy for some action. After the Eagles practice this morning the free agents came out onto an adjacent field and got in a workout. They know this isn’t about talking and having press conferences. Ultimately this will all be decided on the football field.

Geoff Mosher of reported that one of last year’s fifth round draft pick’s Ricky Sapp left the training camp on his own and this wasn’t the first time.

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