Thursday, August 11, 2011

Maclin headed to St. Louis for more testing


I’ll be the first to say that I have not been concerned about Jeremy Maclin and his mysterious illness. I heard about it in the offseason, but didn’t really worry because I’ve had Mono before (a really bad case), and while it’s absolutely awful, you do get over it.

Even when the Eagles continued to say in training camp that they didn’t know what his illness was, I wasn’t worried. After all, the guy isn’t practicing, but he is standing on the sidelines out on the field. It’s not like he’s laying in a hospital bed plugged with tubes. So, I wasn’t all that concerned.

Now, it’s probably time to worry. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer said on Twitter that Maclin is now headed to St. Louis for more tests.

“#Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin has returned to St. Louis to undergo further testing to identify his illness, as @howardeskin first reported,” McLane tweets.

So, what is wrong with this guy? I thought for sure that most people in the organization had an idea, but just didn’t want to share it with the public. But, now seeing this I’m not so sure. Everyone was expecting him to be back Week 1 (which is odd if you don’t really know what’s wrong with him), but I don’t think that’s a possibility now.

It’s not just the illness, but the weight loss. There were reports this offseason that Maclin had lost some 15 lbs, and he doesn’t really look like he’s put that back on. He’s got to get that weight back up for him to be healthy and effective.

The word is that the Steve Smith signing had nothing to do with Maclin. Some claimed that they are different players so the two couldn’t be related. I disagree. While the two aren’t similar players, you need talent and depth and that’s what Smith would be if he’s healthy.

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