Friday, October 7, 2011

Ex-teammate lashes out at Dan Hampton for White House snub


Former Chicago Bears defensive tackle Dan Hampton is snubbing the 1985 Bears White House visit today citing his disdain for President Obama.

But former Bears tight end Tim Wrightman, a self-proclaimed conservative, has no problem attending the team’s celebration with Obama at the White House according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Here is what Wrightman posted on his Facebook Wall:

Why I’m going to the White House:

“Out of all the players from the ’85 Bears arriving on October 7th I would probably say I am the most conservative. I live in the reddest of red states and I make a living with guns…I am also not a fan of the policies of the current President; however this is a celebration for the achievement of a great football team not a political rally. I mean did you really it was appropriate for Marlon Brando to not accept the Oscar? I can differentiate between celebrating our team, the President and the Institution of the Presidency of course I played on the “smart side” of the line of scrimmage. This is the Bears once in a lifetime opportunity that has been given a second chance. Some people don’t realize our initial trip in 1986 was cancelled because of the Challenger space shuttle accident. I think it was a classy thing for Obama to right the misfortune of our team. Besides, the White House is not President Obama’s house it’s the people’s house. Some of my more notable team mates have stated various reasons they will not attend…And they have every right to have their own opinion and reasons for not going. “I’m not going because they didn’t invite our wives…” well would you take the wife you had when we won or the newest one? “It was 25 years ago, let it go…” will you stop doing car commercials that say you were a Super Bowl Champ? And so what if it was 25 years ago …If winning the Super Bowl is so easy, how come the Bears haven’t won since?

“Further, I’m not so arrogant to think that by going to the White House people are going to believe I endorse the President. Nor do I believe my invitation will cause people to vote for President Obama just because I visited the White House. This is a great opportunity for me to see my fellow team mates one more time and as a Conservative I never take myself out of the game. I always want an opportunity to discuss and to debate my positions. You never know who’s mind you might change and decisions you may influence. Being together as a team and a country is the only way we can get through our current predicament… GO BEARS”

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