Monday, October 3, 2011

My Thoughts Eagles/49ers


I think the good news is that when losses like this keep piling up and Joe Banner is looking at the bill for these losses, changes will be made. Big changes. When they go out and sign all these high-profile, big-ticket free agents and see a team that looks like this, they aren’t going to be happy. Someone will have to pay for this. So, despite the fact that we don’t want to, let’s look at the game:

What I liked….

-I admit this every week and I’ll keep doing it. The one “big” move the Eagles made this offseason that didn’t thrill me at all, was the signing of Jason Babin. It looks like the difference between journeyman first-round bust and legit star is the Wide 9. He’s in the backfield on just about every single play. Right now, he’s the team’s most important and effective player on defense. And I don’t think it’s close.

-They finally found a use for King Dunlap!

…and not so much…

-There were other things I kinda sorta liked, but I just don’t have it in me to praise a team that has so much talent and is so absolutely awful right now.

-Did anyone notice that the o-line did a pretty nice job early on? Yep, and then the inept 49ers realized that they should rush more than three people. That was the end of that.

-I’m going to shock everyone and say that I don’t blame Juan Castillo one bit for the horrific play of this team’s defense. Not one bit. It’s not his fault at all. Andy Reid decided that it was a good idea to make an offensive line coach his defensive coordinator. You know why you never see people do that? Because it’s a terrible idea! You add all these defensive free agents and then let a guy with no experience whatsoever put them all together. How is that his fault? He works his behind off, but so what? He has no idea what he’s doing….and we’re supposed to sit and let him work through it? The move reminds me of a kid who acts out, knowing it will get his parents’ attention and he’ll get punished. Making Castillo his defensive coordinator just wreaks of Andy begging to get fired.

-Now, how about the idea of this regime bringing in players and then having them do things that they’ve A. never done before, and/or B. aren’t good at. Nnamdi Asomugha was one of the best – if not the best – corners in all of football for pretty much his entire career. Why is he sub par now? What changed? Ohhhh….you’re asking him to do things that he doesn’t do. He’s a legit, man-on-man cover corner. So let’s have him blitz and play zone! I am honestly tired of writing about this crap. I really am.

I’ve said all along that I’m an Andy Reid guy. He does some things very well, and be careful what you wish for when asking for change. But I think I’ve about had it. This is such a huge flaw in how he does things and I can’t stand it anymore. They bring in guys who have had success elsewhere doing something, and then want them to do different things and just can’t believe that it doesn’t work. Chris Gocong had 22 1/2 sacks as a senior at Cal Poly. Is it safe to assume that we all agree that that’s why you would draft a guy like that in the third round? Wouldn’t that be a safe assumption? You like that he was a terror on opposing quarterbacks? Am I wrong? So let’s make him stand up, play linebacker and ask him to cover tight ends. “Hey look, Marty, this guy kicked 84 field goals last year over 70 yards! He’d be a great quarterback!” I may be exaggerating, but I’m not far off. If Andy had me start at QB this week, should you be mad at me for sucking, or at him for putting me in there? Exactly. This is a fatal flaw in Andy’s thinking. I’ve had it.

-I think of Andy’s decision making when I think of Alex Henery’s two missed field goals yesterday that were a big reason they lost the game. You have your all-in, Super Bowl team, and you are trusting two rookie kickers. Oh, and you had one of the best in NFL history right on your roster. You decided he could go pound sand. You trusted a team with all these hopes and aspirations to a kid who never kicked in the NFL before. This is what you get. Believe me, I understand that he has to make those, but there are a lot of NFL teams who have kickers they don’t trust because there aren’t 32 reliable NFL kickers out there. They don’t exist. We were spoiled by David Akers and shielded from the horrors that come with having a kicker who you roll the dice with on every kick.

-A lot of this stuff I don’t even feel like typing, because I’m not offering any insight that the whole world doesn’t already know. What can I say about Ronnie Brown’s decision at the goal line? I watched the game just like you did and thought the exact same thing that you did. At the very least, that was another three points.

-I’d like to compliment DeSean Jackson on his big game, but all I can think of is the drops. And does anyone else feel like he has no interest in playing defender on poorly thrown deep balls? At least look like you’re trying. DeSean should absolutely hate the Red Zone channel. It allows Philadelphia fans to get a great look at what true studs like Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald do on a weekly basis.

-I go back to what I said before about not being able to add any insight to some of this nonsense. Was that ball ripped out of Jeremy Maclin’s hands? No, it wasn’t. It was a gentle poke. He wasn’t remotely securing that ball the way he should have been. You should be gripping that ball for dear life in the first quarter of a blowout, not to mention when you are driving to take the lead in the final minutes.

-After LeSean McCoy busts out for 24 carries last week and runs all over the Giants, you should…give him the ball nine times in a game where you had the lead the entire time?

-I’m so sick of having linebackers that we praise when they are able to just do the basic functions of their jobs at times. No difference makers. No impact players. Guys who are “just a guy” on their best days. Sometimes in sports you have players who just aren’t good enough. Doesn’t make them bad people or mean that they don’t work hard. Sometimes, your best just isn’t good enough. And that’s the Eagles linebackers.

-Oh, Trent Cole got hurt too? Awesome.

-I’m not blaming Michael Vick, he had great stats on Sunday. But, he’s not good enough right now. He had one interception and really should have thrown two. I do admit that it’s tough to really judge his play when he’s running for his life as soon as he says “hike.”

-Just in case you were wondering, Frank Gore was averaging less than three yards per carry this season coming into Sunday’s game. Joe Staley, one of the 49ers offensive linemen, said during the week that their o-line doesn’t “suck.” You know when you have to say things like that? When your o-line sucks. That’s when. Throw in the fact that the 49ers trailed the whole time, and it makes Gore’s 15 carries for 127 yards and a TD that much more damning to the Eagles defense. Kendall Hunter? Nine carries for another 38 yards. Oh, and Gore had a bum ankle and they weren’t even sure if he’d play all week. Disgraceful. And I’m not dog-piling on the Eagles defense. That is truly disgraceful.

-Matt Maiocco of says that this was a “signature” win for the 49ers. That’s how bad of a loss this was.

-Oh, and Jason Peters has a significant hamstring injury, so he’ll probably miss a few weeks at least. King Dunlap to replace him? This doesn’t mean we have to pull him off of the field goal block team does it?

-And Antonio Dixon – probably the team’s best defensive tackle from last year – is done for the year with a torn triceps. Are these areas of the team where the Eagles can afford injuries? The next thing you’re going to tell me is that linebacker injuries are racking up.

-How dumb am I? I told my friends before the game that this was the time when Andy Reid shines. Coming off a terrible loss to the New York Giants and facing what should be an easy opponent. Andy gets his guys ready to go and wins these games easily. Remember when I talked about Andy being so strong in some areas? This was supposed to be one of them. Now what?

I’m done. I’m spent. I’m honestly exhausted from going through all of this. And with all these injuries, why are we supposed to think that things will get better? Not trying to be doom and gloom or overreact, but I’m just not seeing a way that things get better right now. Could they? Sure, but I don’t know how right this second. Could/should be a loooong season. Hopefully, your fantasy team is doing well. Go Phils?

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