Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Report: Spagnuolo To Be Back With The Eagles This Week


Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network says Steve Spagnuolo will return to the Eagles coaching staff by the end of the week. Spags hasn’t said what he’s going to do publicly but LaConfora tells us NFL sources say the recently-fired St. Louis Rams coach will be back in the fold with the Eagles.

He didn’t specify what his title will be, but simply that he will take over the defense from Juan Castillo in some way. I’ve been saying all week long, that the cornerback coaching position which has been opened after the firing of Johnny Lynn could be filled by Juan Castillo.

Andy Reid has a tremendous reputation amongst assistant coaches throughout the league because he’s very loyal and has been very liberal in allowing his assistant to pursuit other opportunities if they arise.

If you ask me, Spags would be a great addition to the Eagles coaching staff and would give Reid the same formula he has used to go to five NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl. Reid and Marty Mornhinweg run the offense, while an experienced defensive coordinator takes care of things on the defensive side of the ball.

I like the fact that Spags has a good feel for getting pressure on the quarterback because ultimately that’s one of the keys to winning on defense against great quarterbacks in the playoffs. You’ve got to be able to get in their faces, pressure them and don’t allow them to operate in their comfort zone.

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