Friday, January 20, 2012

Speculation about Rams move to London increases


Over a week ago we wrote the following: There have been reports about Fisher being concerned about the Rams stability in St. Louis with a lease that provides owner Stan Kroenke an out clause, one which he could exercise to relocate the team, something that Fisher does not wish to do. Most presume it is Los Angeles but don't rule out a possible Rams move to London where Kroenke owns the Arsenal soccer club and the stadium. That would entail an even bigger headache with travel and training.

With the announcement of the Rams playing in London over the next three years, there is increased speculation that the Rams might be testing the London market about a possible relocation. As we wrote earlier, Kroenke owns Arsenal and Emirates stadium where Arsenal plays. The stadium opened in 2006 and has a current capacity of 60,361 and apparently the grass fields. Of course, Kroenke would put 10 more games in his stadium.

Again, this is all speculation on our part.

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  1. I live in London, not an NFL fan but whenever it's superbowl time or like the last few years you get a real NFL game at Wembley in London it is a big deal. I think an NFL team would do very well in any city of 8 million people, especially London.


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