Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Will Jeffrey Lurie Have To Say Today? Is Reid’s Job Safe?


Normally Andy Reid meets with the media on the day after the team’s season concludes each year. He normally meets with the media in between one-on-one exit interviews with his players.

If you’ve been around the Eagles football team during the 13 years that Reid has been running things, you know that he is a creature of habit and very rarely does he venture off the schedule.

The information which I just shared with you and the fact that Reid didn’t talk to the media yesterday is the reason that I’m very interested in what team owner Jeffrey Lurie is going to say today at 2;30pm.

Is he going to praise the job Reid did in going 8-8? He had better not or he will infuriate a city full of Eagles fans. I think he’ll probably come down somewhere in the middle.

Is he going to fire Andy Reid? Who knows maybe he considers the hiring of a totally inexperienced defensive coordinator as a fireable mistake. Will he support his coach and fire defensive coordinator Juan Castillo?

Normally, Lurie doesn’t take center stage during the week after the season unless he’s getting ready to make a major announcement.

I’m also interested in why Reid didn’t meet with the media yesterday. It’s strange. Something must be up because Reid just doesn’t like to get off schedule if he can help it.

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