Monday, February 13, 2012

Freddie Solomon passes away at age 59


Former 49ers wide receiver Freddie Solomon died Monday afternoon after a nine-month battle with colon and liver cancer, according to family friend George Levy per the Tampa Tribune. He was 59. Solomon's health recently took a turn for the worse and he was hospitalized on Feb. 4.

"Freddie Solomon was a treasure for us in San Francisco,'' said former 49ers safety Ronnie Lott, a Pro Football Hall of Famer. "What a humanitarian he has been for the city of Tampa.''

Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, the former 49ers receiver who is often considered the best ever at his position, said Solomon taught him how to be a professional. Dwight Clark, another former 49ers receiver, said he didn't expect to make the team as a rookie, but felt Solomon's post-practice instruction and guidance helped him establish an NFL career.

"He helped me when he didn't really have to,'' Clark said. "But as I came to understand, that's how he has always been with everybody. He has led an amazing life.''

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