Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl XLVI Should Be Remembered As The Mediocre Bowl


Once again Eagle fans are forced to watch the rival NY Giants celebrate a Superbowl championship. On Sunday night mediocrity reigned supreme in the NFL as the 9-7 Giants became the first team in NFL history to win a Superbowl with that record.

The Giants finished a measly 1 win better than the Eagles in the standings and found a way to hoist their 2nd Lombardi Trophy in 4 years. At one point during the season they were 7-7 yet they are the ones planning a parade for this week. It’s absolutely sickening to see this as an Eagle fan.

I’ve gone back and forth all season about just how far the Eagles really are from holding a parade of their own and after tonight’s Superbowl it’s clearer than ever before that anything can happen in this league. Superbowl 46 was downright atrocious to watch not only due to the fact that both participants are hated in Philadelphia but because the game itself was boring and had very little excitement. Both teams looked flat for the most part.

The Patriots team that came into Philadelphia in November and put on a show was nowhere to be found in Indy. This New England team was downright beatable and the Eagles could have easily handled them. The Rob Gronkowski injury had a lot to do with the ineffectiveness of the Patriot offense but regardless Tom Brady didn’t look himself all night and the Eagles could have easily handled that offense unlike in November.

The Patriots defense looked mediocre at best in Superbowl 46. Without a doubt in my mind the Eagles offense with all the weapons they have would have put up at least 30 points on them. They looked nothing like a defense you’d expect to see in a Superbowl and it’s absolutely mind boggling they got to this point with such an average unit.

The Giants were just as average as the Patriots in this game. Once again they had luck on their side and happened to step up at the last possible second to pull out the victory. Eli Manning was clutch in the end but for the most part didn’t impress for the duration of the game. His stats say otherwise but he really didn’t make any impressive throws until he hit Mario Manningham for a 38 yard sideline catch late in the game.

For everyone out there that wants to anoint Eli as a Hall-of-Famer after this one go for it but in my opinion he had himself a good season and proved to be a clutch quarterback and needs to perform like this for a number of consecutive seasons before he’s a legit hall of famer to me. The Giants defense caught Tom Brady on a mediocre night and the Patriots offense didn’t have Rob Gronkowski to utilize. Eli has 2 Superbowl MVP’s but for those of us who look past the lens of network coverage Eli’s first Superbowl win can be credited to the Giant defense.

Superbowl 46 should be labeled as the mediocre bowl. Unlike the game played 4 years ago between both teams this one didn’t have the excitement as that one. Both teams looked flat and didn’t put up the points many of us expected. If just a little more time was on the clock Tom Brady would have driven the Patriots down the field for the winning touchdown. Brady lost not to the Giants but to the clock.

The bottom line is after watching this game I believe the Eagles are right there for a run at the title next season. Think about it we just witnessed a 9-7 team win the Superbowl. What business does a 9-7 team have being labeled a champion? 9-7 is average and should never be a champion. But after tonight it just proves why not the Eagles? Why can’t a team that finished 8-8 win it all the next season?

To me it’s just mind boggling to see this happen and the fact the Eagles only finished one game behind the Giants and also beat them in NY with their backup quarterback who was atrocious in that game says to me that the Eagles are right there. The Packers and Saints are still the class of the NFC and now I’ll put the 49ers in that group as well but the Giants are just a mediocre team that caught everyone on a bad day on their way to the top in 2011. If the Eagles stay healthy next season and the coaching staff somehow finds a way not to lose games this team can be right there.

Immediately following the game Brent Celek tweeted “I’m sick about this” and he should be. Celek knows just like the rest of us the Eagles squandered an opportunity this season. They blew 5 4th quarter leads and lost games they had no business losing. He realizes this easily could have been them and is upset about it.

The Giants aren’t that good and the Eagles know it. As I said in an article a few weeks back maybe the Giants winning it all wouldn’t be such a bad thing because it will wake everyone in the organization up. The sickness being felt by Brent Celek hopefully is being felt by the rest of the players and the coaching staff because if you aren’t angry and motivated after watching Superbowl 46 then I’m not sure you need to step on the field in 2012 as an Eagle.

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