Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Could Tim Tebow Be Aquired By The Eagles To Run The Wildcat?


Do you remember how Andy Reid brought Michael Vick to town to run the Wildcat as a backup to Donovan McNabb?  He would come in as a change up on certain downs.  It would force opposing defenses to utilize valuable time working on stopping Vick and the Wildcat.  It shows that Reid likes the idea of changing things up by bringing in a quarterback who runs the Wildcat.

Denver Bronco quarterback Tim Tebow is a big, physical athlete who could run the Wildcat as a back up to Vick.  I agree with what Adam Caplan of said on Comcast Sportsnet, that the Eagles will probably call the Broncos about the availability of Tebow.

Tebow could not only run the Wildcat as a backup, but he could also dominate the sports news here in Philadelphia and keep fans focused on the Eagles.  It will probably come down to what the Broncos are asking for in exchange for Tebow.  The Birds aren’t going to give away the store in order to get him, but I think they will be interested.

I think Trent Edwards is going to be the backup because he has a much better arm than Mike Kafka.  Edwards is a very good athlete for a quarterback, who can tuck the ball under his arm and run, if the play breaks down.  He’s got great size and can make all the throws needed from an NFL quarterback.

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