Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Philbin says to ask Matt Flynn why he's in Seattle


A number of Dolphins fans think the Dolphins didn't push hard enough to get Matt Flynn.

When asked why the Dolphins didn't pursue Flynn agressively at the NFL owners meetings, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said according to the Miami Herald,  “I think we made an aggressive push. We got him in here relatively quickly. Again, we had a great meeting. Matt (Flynn) and I had some conversations, a number of conversations prior to his arrival to Miami. We had some subsequent ones after. He’d probably be able to give you better answer as to why he chose to go elsewhere. All I know is when we were together the visit was excellent. I thought he got along very well with our offensive staff. He and I obviously have a relationship together. Excited for him and wish him all the best and I think he’ll do a fine job.”

Philbin isn't quite sure why Flynn chose the Seahawks over the Dolphins, Philbin added, “Again, you need to ask Matt Flynn why he’s in Seattle. There’s a myriad factors that go into why people make decisions about their own future, which is their prerogative. And clubs have their own prerogative as to how they are going to decide to move forward. And so again, it always takes two people to get a marriage and so I wish him well. He’s a great young man. But he’s better to ask why he’s in Seattle.”

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