Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ryan Leaf arrested on multiple charges

Ryan Leaf arrested on multiple charges

If anyone embodies the adage “old habits die hard,” it is most definitely Ryan Leaf.

Just two years after receiving a decade’s worth of probation for a drug-related offense, the legendary former NFL flop was busted for burglary, theft and, you guessed it, drugs in Montana Friday, the Great Falls Tribune reports.

Though details are sketchy, Leaf was formally charged with felony burglary, misdemeanor theft and criminal possession of dangerous drugs.

Police confirmed his arrest, and staff at the Cascade County Detention Center said he posted a $76,000 bond.

“One of our officers picked him up, arrested him and booked him in,” Police Sgt. Dean Bennett said.

According to Deadspin, the ex-Chargers quarterback is in the midst of a three-book memoir deal, which may or may not include this latest incident, depending on when the first book is released. In November, Leaf told the Dan Patrick Show that he’s finally clean.

Looks like it was a short-lived streak — much akin to his pro career.

More to come.
[Photo via the Great Falls Tribune]
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