Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Woody Johnson, Rex Ryan in disagreement over dong HBO's "Hard Knocks"


Surprise, surprise!  It was no surprise when the mediam reported the Jets' alleged interest in doing the HBO show " Hard Knocks" again as they did in 2010.  What IS a surprise is the chief opponent to a return engagement-Head coach Rex Ryan.    Adam Schein of reports that owner Woody Johnson wants his team back on the HBO hit show and has communicated that to the network. But his outspoken coach is against the project.

Ryan, according to sources, does not want any more of a circus type atmosphere around the Jets after last season's bickering and collapse and this offseason's trade for Tim Tebow. The Jets drama in 2010 made the show a must-watch, ranging from Ryan's foul mouth and telling his team at the end of a meeting to "get a G-d damn snack," to cornerback Antonio Cromartie stumbling over the names of his nine kids, to the Darrelle Revis holdout.

Johnson sees incredible value in doing the show, always seeking attention for his team in a market that the Super Bowl champion Giants still own. Johnson would also like to dominate the New York headlines in August, a month usually dominated by baseball.

If the Jets do decline, HBO is reportedly interested in doing a "Harbaugh brothers show" featuring both the 49ers and the Ravens.

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