Monday, May 14, 2012

Eagles LB Mychal Kendricks Flashing His Speed At Eagles Rookie Camp


Eagles second round draft pick University of California linebacker Mychal Kendricks was very active this weekend at the Eagles rookie practices.  He showed his 4.41 speed on Saturday on one play when he ran with one of the tight ends deep downfield about 30 yards and picked off a pass by quarterback Nick Foles.

Kendricks and his young teammates are getting a taste of what it’s going to be like to play in the NFL. 

They’re not wearing equipment and there’s no hitting, but they’re running plays and executing their assignments.

The big difference for Kendricks and his young teammates is the speed of the NFL game.

“It was moving fast. A lot went in, but overall I think we did pretty good as a team. The defensive squad did well today”, Kendricks said this weekend.

Speed is the first thing that jumps out at you about Kendricks.  The youngster is fast and very sharp in his understanding of the game.

“We’re just doing some cover four”, Kendricks said after the Saturday morning workout. “Anything that has to do with cover four, that’s what we’re working on today. Even in the second practice, that’s all we’re doing. That’s what we’re focusing on and that’s what we’re trying to get better at.”

Kendricks is ahead of most young linebackers because his dad played running back for the Eagles years ago.

I think Kendricks has the instincts and ability to be a big play linebacker.  He’s smart and he plays with tremendous intensity.  You must have a high football intelligence in order to be able to study opponents and decipher what you should expect out of different formations in specific situations.

Kendricks seems to have that gym rat mentality.  He’ll be looking at tapes of the upcoming opponents, so he can anticipate what the opposing offenses will do.  He’ll be the guy watching tapes at home at night to get an extra advantage.

This young man is also a hitter with tremendous explosion at the point of attack.  I expect to see him causing some fumbles with big hits.

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