Sunday, May 13, 2012

Eagles sign Phillip Thomas; imposter says he's a Redskin


Not long after undrafted free agent Phillip Thomas signed his contract with the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday afternoon, he was led to the office of the team's security officer according to Les Carpenter of Yahoo Sports. There he pulled out his smartphone and tried to show who he really was.

"Here," he said, fingers flying across the screen. "Look, this is my Facebook page right here."

Somebody has been pretending to be the safety from Syracuse, spinning a story so convincing that the fake Phillip Thomas has appeared on blog posts, conducted radio interviews and tweeted a bogus signing with the Washington Redskins. The fake Phillip Thomas created a Facebook page loaded with pictures of the real Phillip Thomas along with photos from inside Redskins Park. The fake Phillip Thomas even posted a picture of a Redskins playbook that appears to have been taken in a hotel room.

While pretending to be the real Phillip Thomas, the fake Phillip Thomas sent me Facebook messages saying he doesn't want to be an Eagle and will be with his team of choice, the Redskins, by training camp.

"That's nuts," Redskins official Tony Wyllie wrote in an email.

"I have no idea who is doing this," the real Phillip Thomas said Friday. "I'm here. I want to be an Eagle."

As the Eagles security man scrolled through the fake Phillip Thomas Facebook page on a laptop computer, he shook his head. He jotted notes on a small pad.

"This kind of stuff happens all the time," he told the real Phillip Thomas.

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