Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jerel Worthy says he takes plays off, just like everyone else


Packers second-round draft pick Jerel Worthy has heard he takes plays off, he's an underachiever,  he tires easily and he dogs it according to Rob Reischel of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Worthy won't even argue. What Worthy does insist, though, is he's striving to be more dependable, something he'll be given every chance to do in Green Bay.

"The film speaks for itself," said Worthy, who left Michigan State after his junior year. "People criticize and say I may take a play off here or there; there's nobody in the NFL game today or college or all the way down to pee-wee who plays every play full speed, full-go without getting tired. It's impossible.
"All I can say is I'm going to come in and try to continue to work to be a lot more consistent, and I'm going to be a lot more consistent. That's going to be my goal. The plays that showed up in the highlight tape, that's the same plays that I'm going to transfer up to the NFL and do it on a consistent basis."

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